Who is Joe Biden’s nephew Cuff Owens?

JOE Biden’s nephew Cuffe Owens has created a headline for a report on his marriage to Orange County star Meghan King’s Real Housewives.

In October 2021, 42-year-old Owens announced that he and Megan King, 37, the star of Orange County’s Real Housewives (RHOC), are tying a knot.


In October 2021, Megan King and Cuff Owens married at a 50-member wedding, and Joe Biden and Jill Biden attended to celebrate the newlyweds.Credits: LA Exposure / Bride Jeremy Fraser

When did Cuffe Owens and RHOC Alum Meghan King get married?

Cuff and Megan I got married on Monday, October 11, 2021.

The wedding took place at President Biden’s sister’s house in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and at Owens’ childhood house.

After just a few weeks of dating, the two married at a small ceremony of only 50 people.

RHOC’s Alum chose Rasario’s blazer dress instead of the traditional wedding dress.

Megan Said bride: “When I decided to wear something that felt the most like’I’, we both realized that we were caught up in traditional expectations with dresses.

“And that was the first dress I tried. A mature blazer dress by Rasario from Matches Fashion online.

“I put the dry cleaning pins back on the collar and boiler. The wedding dress is complete.”

Meanwhile, Owens wore a navy blue Ralph Lauren purple label suit and the watch his father gave him for their big day.

In September 2021, the duo shared a photo of Cuff, the son of President Biden’s sister and adviser Valerie Owens, on Instagram, calling him “my man” and revealing their relationship. did.

The post says: “I’m doing my best to avoid cheesy referrals like’My Main Squeeze’… so meet my guy. “

Did Joe Biden attend the wedding?

President Biden And First Lady Jill Biden both attended the ceremony.

The first couple took a break from the morning to attend before returning to Washington, DC, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t receive the shit for the move.

Critics accuse Biden of leaving the White House when the country is facing a budget, Supply chain crisis..

When the couple returned to the White House, neither was asked by reporters and headed straight in with them. Granddaughter, Naomi, Hunter Biden’s daughter and his ex-wife Kathleen Boule Biden..

King has three young children, MLB superstar Jim Edmonds. Aspen was born on November 24, 2016, and the twins’ hearts and hazes were born in June 2018.

On the other hand, there is nothing in Owens.

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Did Cuff Owens and Megan King get divorced?

Megan King and Cuff Owens It was reportedly decided to split only two months after the marriage.

On December 24, 2021, the president’s nephew and real-life star reportedly stopped doing so. Page 6.

One source claimed that 37-year-old Megan “said to say goodbye to a friend.”

The two contacts have not responded to the publication for comment.

RHOC Star also removed Owens’ name from her Instagram..

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Who is Joe Biden’s nephew Cuff Owens?

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