Who is Jessie J’s date?

Jessie J said on November 24, 2021 that she was “overwhelmed by sadness” after suffering a tragic miscarriage after “deciding to have her own baby.”

The 33-year-old star said in a long Instagram post: I will never forget it, and I know I have it. “


Jessie J now seems to be singleCredits: Getty Images-Getty


On November 24, Jesse revealed on Instagram that she had a miscarriage.Credit: Instagram

Who is Jessie J’s date?

It is believed that Jesse is not currently dating anyone.

singer Confirmed her split from boyfriend Max Fam Dated earlier last month Channing Tatum..

Who is the boyfriend in front of her?

Max Fam

March 1, 2021, Confirmed that Jesse has a new romance I posted my favorite snapshot with dancer Max Fam four months after leaving Channing Tatum.

Near the time of the announcement, the paparazzi posted a photo of Jesse giving Max a big bite of salad with a spoon.

In response, Jesse shared a pair of snaps sitting side by side in the car with a snap holding a plastic toy in his mouth.

But as in October 2021, the relationship lasted only seven months, Jesse revealed to fans in an Instagram Q & A that she had split from Max.

“Nothing dramatic happened,” she said, “it wasn’t romantically correct, so we both decided it was a friend.”

Channing Tatum

Jessie J and Channing Tatum were first discovered together in October 2018 and have been dating for two years.

In December 2019, the pair split back for a month and then reverted in January 2020.

At the time of the first split, the two tried to make the relationship work, but it was understood to be “out of timing.”

Announced in April 2020, the two said they had stopped it, but in the same month they appeared to be quarantining together, so the pair seemed to be back again.

Jesse even shared with him an erupting birthday message, which she called him a “special man.”

But their recombination was as short-lived as in October of that year. Jesse confirmed her division With the magic mic star-tell the fans she was “single”.

October 2021, only the sun clearly Jesse hinted that her next album would reveal more about her romance with the Hollywood mass.

Luke James

Jesse first met Luke James, an American R & B singer, in November 2014.

But 11 months later, Jesse and Luke took the time to romance, fearing that their relationship wasn’t real.

Bang Bang’s hit maker was thought to have broke up with Luke because he was said to have been dating only with her in the hope that he would “raise his name in the music industry.”

Their time SplitThe insider said to the sun: “Jesse fell hard because of Luke, but during the summer she began to doubt.”

Kenny Hamilton

In 2012, Jesse was rumored to be dating Kenny Hamilton after being seen on a date together in London.

Who is Jessie J’s date?

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