WHO is investigating reports of monkey virus in sperm

The World Health Organization (WHO) is investigating reports that Monkey flower The virus may be present in the semen of patients. This will help determine if the disease is sexually transmitted, said an official of the organization.

Many cases of monkey virus transmission in Europe are between sexual partners and it is believed that the virus is transmitted from skin to skin through skin-to-skin contact.

But, in recent days, scientists have announced that they have found viral DNA in the sperm of several chicken pox patients in Italy and Germany.

A laboratory-tested sample showed that a virus found in the semen of one patient could infect and multiply another human.

Katherine Smallwood, the WHO / Europe Chickenpox Incident Manager at WHO / Europe, said it was unknown whether the latest reports meant that the monkey had been sexually transmitted.

“It may have been something we did not know before about this disease,” he told a news conference.

“We really need to focus on the most frequent mode of transmission, and we can clearly see that this has to do with skin contact.”

Since the beginning of May, more than 1,300 cases of the virus have been reported in about 30 countries – endemic to Africa.

The majority of cases were reported in men who had sex with men, while the majority of cases in Europe were not related to travel to African countries.

The World Health Organization has recommended that some people – close contact with infected people, such as health care workers – be vaccinated.

Chickenpox vaccines, which are associated with the disease, are estimated to be approximately 85 percent effective against monkeys.

The World Health Organization has warned of a recurrence of the Covid pandemic as richer countries rushed to collect vaccines. He said he already sees rich countries trying to stockpile vaccines in Africa without a plan to help affected nations.

Hans Klüge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, said: “Once again, the ‘I’s first’ approach can have detrimental consequences.

“I urge governments to address the monkey blossom without repeating the mistakes of the pandemic – and to maintain equality at the heart of everything we do.”

WHO is investigating reports of monkey virus in sperm

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