Who is Guy Martin’s partner Sharon Comiskey?

Guy Martin is a motorcycle challenger known for his record-breaking feat.

After incredible stunts, such as jumping to the beaches of Normandy 12,000 feet below the plane Guy Martin resigned from his brave disgust in exchange for his television career, With the support of his long-term girlfriend.


Guy and Sharon smile to take a picture with their familyCredit: Facebook / Jerry Green Dog Rescue Center

Who is Guy Martin’s partner Sharon Comiskey?

Sharon Comiskey is an Irish publisher currently living in the UK.

She is believed to have met Guy Martin in an Irish moped in 2010, when she was reported to have worked for a Dublin publisher.

Comiskey tends to protect herself and her Instagram account is not open to the public, so it’s very private.

Her background is as follows. MumtoDot, Nigel, Steve, Laylacat. Some people say that less than half is better for scary guys. I’m about to be the best version of human being I can.

When do they get married and have children?

Guy Martin and Sharon Comiskey are not married

Guy categorically insists he doesn’t want to get married, saying:

“I’m not the kind of person to get married.

“No one trusts anyone. My mistake obviously doesn’t trust me, so she wants to get married.

“But I don’t care, I don’t need it. marriage There is a wrong reason just to keep her happy.

“I’m very happy doing what I’m doing. I don’t cheat, I don’t about f ***.

“I can’t see the day coming.

“We’ve been together for about seven years and she’s been worried about it.

“I just go to the defaults — nod, smile and agree.”

On October 23, 2017, the couple had their first child, a daughter named Dottie.

Earlier this year, the bike racer revealed in his autobiography that the birth of a daughter “completely changed her life” “needs to weaken the mixture.”

He states: “Dot without a middle name was born in Grimsby. I stayed at the top end during childbirth.

“The doctor eventually cut her off the sunroof. I really didn’t want to see it.”

Guy Martin's race day is over


Guy Martin’s race day is overCredits: Getty Images-Getty

What happened to Guy Martin?

Shortly after his daughter’s birth, Guy got out of his brave disgust.

The TT legend states:

“That’s what I did and returning because I was fine with it is not a good reason to race the TT.”

However, fans were delighted to find that Guy gained public attention through his television and media work, despite his professional retirement.

In 2021, he launched Guy’s Garage, a Channel 4 show focused on refurbishing classic cars as racing cars.

The show will then see Guy bring an improved car around the European race circuit.

Who is Guy Martin’s partner Sharon Comiskey?

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