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Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young were married for 26 years before announcing their divorce.

In July 2021, Young was announced to have won a big victory in the spouse support battle with his ex-husband.


Dre and Nicole have been married for 24 yearsCredits: Getty Images

Who is Nicole Young?

Nicole Young, first known as the ex-wife of retired NBA player Sedale Threatt, has since become better recognized as the wife of Dr. Dre.

She had been married to Sedale for three years.

Prior to marrying Dr. Dre, she worked as a lawyer.

Two waters on May 25, 1996.

 Dre and Nicole in a happy era


Dre and Nicole in a happy eraCredits: Getty Images-Getty

Who is Dr. Dre?

Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Romel Young, is a rapper, producer and entrepreneur.

He is recognized in the hip-hop scene as a pioneer of California rap sounds.

55-year-old Dre founded the very lucrative Beats Electronics brand and was once the co-owner of the famous Death Row Records label.

He has managed and taught giant hip-hop acts such as Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Eminem and 50 Cent.

He was once a member of NWA in 1985 Easy E, Ice cube, Yella, MC Ren, Arabian Prince, and DOC.

According to Billboard, his latest venture will release new music through the playable online story Grand Theft Auto.

The online game will be released on December 15, 2021, and will include “an unreleased exclusive track from Dr. Dre and a lineup of blockbuster artists,” the statement said.

Why are Dr. Dre and Nicole Young divorced?

The former couple they Divorce in June 2020 Nicole quotes Unreconcilable difference As the reason behind the split of the couple.

This is Nicole’s second split.

The last time Dre and his upcoming ex-wife were seen together was at the Tom Ford fashion show in February 2020.

Reported in September 2020 Nicole was asking for $ 2 million a month with his spouse’s help,

But in October the judge Wrapper does not fork $ 1.5 million security fee For his ex-wife.

In July 2021, court documents revealed that a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court ordered Dre to pay Nicole $ 293,306 per month.

The decision was made temporarily until the final decision was made.

The court document states:[Dre] Was ordered to pay [Nicole] Spouse support is $ 293,306.00 per month and will be paid from August 1, 2021 to the first day of each month. Dore will pay a total of $ 3,519,672 a year until Nicole remarries or “forms a new partnership.”

October 20, 2021, Dore was “filed for divorce” while attending his “grandmother’s burial” In his nasty division from Nicole, TMZ..

According to the informant, Dre was “angry with the situation and refused to do the paperwork.”

In a court document obtained by Radar Online Young, he commented on Dr. Dre’s spending and prenuptial agreement procedures being financially difficult for her.

“If anyone is responsible for a controversial and costly proceeding, it’s Andre, his team, and the choices Andre made,” Young’s court filings said.

 Dre, Nicole and her daughter really


Dre, Nicole and her daughter reallyCredits: Getty Images-Getty

Why did Nicole accuse him of hiding his property?

She allegedly accused him of hiding valuable assets after the split, such as his stage name and the trademark of the “Chronic” album. TMZ..

A source close to Dre told the outlet that her claim was an attempt to embarrass him as “ridiculous.”

A source told TMZ: “They got married in 1996. Chronic came out in 1992, and Dr. Dre has been using his name since the 80’s, so it’s only him and him.”

She responded by calling Dre’s move “a grand failure, revealing the essence of his character, or its lack.”

What happened to Dr. Dre?

January 6, Dre reportedly After suffering from a cerebral aneurysm, he was rushed to the hospital..
According to him, he was placed in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Los Angeles. TMZ..

A source near the producer told the outlet that he had an aneurysm on Monday, January 4, before he was taken to the hospital by ambulance and taken directly to the ICU.

Insiders added that doctors don’t know the cause of the bleeding, but the music mogul is stable and clear.

Do Dr. Dre and Nicole Young have children?

The couple has two adult children together.

They are Truice, born in 1997 and Truly, born in 2001.

Dr. Dre has seven children, four sons and three daughters by five different females. Tragically lost son Andre Young Jr. In 2008.

Who is Dr. Dre’s wife Nicole Young, and why are they divorced? – Sun

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