Who is David, the husband of Louise Minchin? Do they have children?

Louise Minchin quit the wake-up at 3am and resigned from his role as a presenter at the BBC Breakfast.

Her last day was today (September 15, 2021)-and Sad to her viewer, This is the welcome news to her husband David, who will spend more time with her.


David Minchin is a restaurant owner and investorCredit: Getty

Who is Louise Minchin’s husband David?

David Minchin is a restaurant owner and investor.

He has invested in Chestnut Inn, a collection of pubs, inns and restaurants in East Anglia, and works as Chief Financial Officer of the group.

Louise I rarely talk about her husband, but in 2021 I talked about the “turning point” of their relationship.

Pairs make active couples, Louise competes as a professional triathlete, and David is an avid skier.

on BBC breakfast The show, she said, changed their relationship during the ski trip.

Louise is a successful sportswoman


Louise is a successful sportswomanCredits: Getty Images-Getty

“Swimming was mine. I also love skiing and my husband is a really good skier,” said Louise.

“And I always go skiing with him. It was really hard to keep up with him because he is so good, so fast and so safe.

“Then there was one point in our relationship when things changed and I was doing a lot of rotations. I was in a rotation class and I came down the glacier. , And I said’.

“And I literally stood there for years,’Oh, this is so bad. I left him on the mountain.'”

“He goes,’No, you’re really fast.’ And that was the day when our relationship in the mountains changed.”

When did David and Louise Minchin get married?

David and Louise got married on June 6, 1998 in a small Hampshire church.

In 2013, Louise said:

“The other guests had a picnic during the service, sat outside and cheered when we came out.”

Do David and Louise Minchin have children?

David and Louise have two teenage daughters, Mia and Scarlet.

But the girls are not fascinated by their mother’s fame.

Louise said Sunday post: “I’m their mom, that’s the most important thing. I like the fact that they see me as a working mom.

“I’ve been working since they were little. The fact that I’m on TV isn’t a big deal.”

Louise Minchin makes an emotional statement and leaves BBC breakfast 20 years later

Who is David, the husband of Louise Minchin? Do they have children?

Source link Who is David, the husband of Louise Minchin? Do they have children?

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