Who is Adam Woodyat’s ex-wife Beverly Sharp?

Adam Woodyat has announced that he will be joining the 2021 lineup of reality series. I’m a celebrity … get me out of here!

However, his estranged wife, Beverly Sharp, is reportedly not very pleased with the fact that her ex is preparing for the jungle. This is what Beverly is doing …


Beverly Sharp is a former dancerCredit: Rex

Who is Beverly Sharp?

Beverly Sharp is a former dancer.

With her Former husband Adam, She is the co-founder of Neat Gin, a gin brand.

The couple launched the brand together in 2017 and later signed a contract Marco Pierre White To sell the spirit at 50 in his restaurant.

She is very quiet about her personal life, but she headlined with her ex-husband Adam The pair announced their divorce In 2020.

Adam and Beverly have two children


Adam and Beverly have two childrenCredit: Getty

The Sun exclusively revealed that Beverly was devastated when Adam left the family home together 22 years later without warning.

At the time, one source said, “Beb has kept a dignified silence for his children, but this is not the friendly division depicted.

“Adam went out to Beb almost a year ago without explanation. She didn’t even know where he went.

“She has only met once since Adam left, so I don’t know why he went out over her. He showed no respect for her.

“All media briefings seem to be about protecting Adam’s reputation and Adam’s reputation. Eastenders.. Beb is clearly very angry with her treatment. “

January 2021, reported Divorce was “messy”..

Announced to fast forward in October of the same year Adam was set to participate in the 2021 series of I’m a celebrity … get me out of here!

Only the sun report Then the Beb was furious with the news He signed a 6-digit contract She relies on food distribution.

“She is really struggling,” said one source.

Our exclusive photo shows a 56-year-old Bev grabbing discounted food such as bread, fish pie, and quiche on a shopping trip.

In November 2021, it was reported that Beverly was again angry after Adam. Reportedly spent more than 100,000 on a brand new camper Before his stint in the jungle.

Bev Sharp is furious at her estranged husband for signing a six-digit contract while she struggles for money


Bev Sharp is furious at her estranged husband for signing a six-digit contract while she struggles for moneyCredit: Chris Eades

When did she marry Adam Woodyatt?

April 8, 1998, Woodiat Married dancer Beverly at a private ceremony at Disney World, Florida.

After 22 years of marriage, the pair split.

It is understood that the actor has decided to leave the relationship, but sources claim that no third party is involved.

A friend at the time said:

“No one is planning these things and divorce is hard to move your head, but it’s a secret because they’ve been quietly dealing with it for months and now talking to friends. is not.”

do you have kids?

The couple has two children, Jessica Jade and Samuel James.

Their son Sam actually appeared in the EastEnders episode Ian Beer was arrested.

He played a police officer who was seen handcuffed.

2016, Sam was seriously injured After the accident I saw him hit a car.

Just a few months later, he went against the odds and recovered to run the London Marathon with his dad Adam.

The couple lived in Southern, Warwickshire when they were together.

EastEnders has a surprising cameo from Adam Woodyatt’s son Sam, 23, as an arrester for Ian Beer.

Who is Adam Woodyat’s ex-wife Beverly Sharp?

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