Who has banned Travis Scott and sued the rapper in the $ 2 billion Astroworld proceedings?

Travis Scott faces a $ 2 billion proceeding after Astroworld’s performance has significantly reduced lives and casualties.

10 people were killed and hundreds more were injured November 5, 2021.


Travis Scott faces a huge court battleCredit: GETTY

Is Travis Scott banned?

Travis Scott is not banned from the United States and has not left the country.

Rumors that he started with a TikTok video.

The viral clip says “Travis Scott will leave the United States after being banned,” followed by the text “Shocking footage.”

In the video, it’s hard to understand what the reporter wants from the rapper, but you can hear Scott say “stop” as he bows down and walks towards the car.

Given everything that happened at his Astroworld concert, fans rushed to the conclusion that he had been expelled from the country.

The videos that are circulating online are actually from 2016, X17onlineVideo..

Who sued Travis Scott in the Astroworld proceedings?


Texas-based lawyer Thomas J. Henry has filed a $ 2 billion proceeding against Scott and others on behalf of all Astroworld victims.

Henry said: “Defendants stood to earn an exorbitant amount of money from this event, yet they chose to cut corners, reduce costs and put attendees at risk.”

In an interview with Hollywood life Henry argued that the injuries that clients suffered after the Astroworld crowd surged ranged from heart attacks, brain injuries to bone fractures, widespread bruise and bleeding.

“The injured people are still very traumatized because they had to get over the corpses,” the lawyer said.

He further elaborates: They couldn’t breathe. They couldn’t get out. “

He has filed proceedings against rapper, Apple Music, Live Nation, NRG Stadium and guest performer Drake on behalf of 282 victims.

All relevant entities have been sued for $ 2 billion in damages.

Security guard

Two security guards working at the Astroworld Festival filed a proceeding alleging that they were injured.

NS Rolling stone Samuel and Jackson Bush were reportedly hired by security firm AJ Melino & Associates to hold a festival at NRG Park in Houston on November 5.

Samuel was trampled many times, breaking the band and injuring his back as Jackson’s uncle and nephew tried to help concert attendees when the crowd began to surge during Scott’s headline set. The shoulder claims to have been injured.

The Bush proceedings nominated 28 people and businesses, including Scott, his label Cactus Jack, festival organizers Live Nation and Scoremore, NRG Park, and AJ Merino and Associates.

According to the Bush family, AJ Melino & Associates was unable to properly prepare the contracted people to work as security guards at the festival.

They claim that no background checks were conducted on the employed people, no training was provided, and little instruction was given before the guards began the shift.

“In most cases, they tell us where to stand, keep people from running, and keep them safe and untouched,” Jackson Bush said at a press conference.

Who has banned Travis Scott and sued the rapper in the $ 2 billion Astroworld proceedings?

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