Who did Lindsay Lohan date?

Lindsay Lohan’s life of love is not a stranger to media headlines.

Recently engaged, Rohan had to kiss a few frogs to make the prince attractive.


Aaron Carter will perform at the Flamingo Gopur in Las Vegas, USACredit: Rex Features

Aaron Carter (2003)

The relationship between Rohan and singer-songwriter Aaron Carter broke the friendship between Carter and Hilary Duff, who had been dating a year and a half ago.

Duff and Carter met on a set Lizzie McGuire 2001 movie.

Carter said, “I was dating her [Duff] After about a year and a half, I got a little bored so I went and got to know Lindsay. [Lohan], Dating with Lindsay ” Buzzfeed..

The time Rohan and Carter spent together was short-lived and they had only been dating for a few months.


Wilmer Valderrama and Lindsay Lohan in Svedka Vodka Announce “Erotica Reading Series”Credits: Getty Images-Getty

Wilmer Valderrama (2004)

In the early 2000s, Wilmer Valderrama was one of the most popular young stars and gained fame from his time at the “That ’70’s ​​Show”.

Meanwhile, Rohan’s popularity came from her latest movie, Nasty girls.

Four months after the two officialized their relationship in July 2004, they took different paths.

according to list“Probably because age differences, competing careers, or Rohan’s well-known mental health issues have hit them over time, the couples simply didn’t seem to suit each other.”


Stavros Niarchos will attend the 2010 African Wildlife Foundation Auction Dinner at the American Museum of Natural History.Credits: Getty Images-Getty

Stavros Niarchos (2006)

Rohan was reported to have hooked up in the week when he broke up with Greek shipping heir Niarchos and his on and off girlfriend Paris Hilton.

In May 2006, Niarchos and Rohan were found to spend nearly a week together in New York going to restaurants, concerts and clubs.

The relationship between Rohan and Niarchos seems to be one of her many reasons. fall out With my ex-best friend Hilton.


Harry Morton and Lindsay Lohan at the 63rd Venice International Film FestivalCredits: Getty Images-Getty

Harry Morton (2006)

Rohan began dating in July 2006 with Harry Morton, a well-known Hollywood restaurant owner and founder of Pink Octopus.

At that time, she was 20 and he was 5 years older than her.

They ended things after they realized they were seemingly different.

Sources said Man It in September 2006; “Linsey reduced the party, but it’s all relative to her. Harry is sober … it wasn’t the party that disbanded them. Harry more Being modest, I’m not interested in the same things she’s crazy about. “

Morton was found dead at his home in Beverly Hills on November 23, 2019, after a sudden cardiac arrest.


Samantha Ronson, English DJ and singer (left) and former girlfriend, actress Lindsay Lohan (right)

Samantha Ronson (2008-2009)

With Rohan Samantha Ronson, English DJs and singers started a controversial relationship in 2008.

According to a 2012 interview by Rohan We weekly, Relationships have always been attacked by the public eye.

“I boldly said,’Yes, I like girls. And?’ It put her in a situation where she was being attacked every day. It’s not fair. And what am I leaving? Broken heart. “

After breaking up together several times during their year, the two called it quit in 2009.


Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov attend a private screening with Alice Temperley of Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass at the Bulgari HotelCredits: Getty Images-Getty

Egor Tarabasov (2015-2016)

Russian businessman and heir Egor Tarabasov was once engaged to Rohan in 2016.

They have been together for less than a year. She was 29 at the time, but he was seven years younger.

In July 2016, a photo of two people physically fighting on a beach on the island of Mykonos, Greece, was taken.

Later, the sun Reported the video A photo of a woman screaming from a building for help in a discussion with Tarabasov.

Rohan claimed she had been physically attacked by her ex-fiancé, claimed that Tarabosov had deceived her, and took her to Twitter to talk about it. Tarabasov denied the claim.

The two ended things shortly after the quarrel.


Lindsay Lohan announces engagement with fiancé Bader Shammas on InstagramCredit: Instagram

Bader Shammas (2019-Present)

Rohan announced his engagement with his boyfriend Bader Shammas on Instagram on Sunday, November 28, 2021.

He is a financial firm and currently works as Assistant Vice President of Credit Suisse, a banking company.

“The relationship between Lindsay and Bader (Shammas) is getting stronger. She’s been with him for about two years,” said a source at The Sun.

Rohan is reported to have met her fiancée, Shamma, In Dubai while taking a break from the performance in 2019.

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Who did Lindsay Lohan date?

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