Who are Travis Scott’s parents?

TRAVIS Scott is a millionaire rapper and producer known for hits such as goosebumps and butterfly effects.

But before he became a famous singer Kylie Jenner’s partner, Travis lived a daily life in Houston, Texas.


Travis Scott’s parents Jack and Wanda Webster have a close relationship with the rapper’s sonCredit: Getty

Who are Travis Scott’s parents?

Travis Scott, 30, Real Name Jack Vermon Webster II, was born and raised in a middle-class suburb near Houston, Texas.

He was named after his father, Jack Webster, who Travis recognized as the reason for his successful music career.

Talk to Complex magazine In 2012, Travis revealed that both his father and grandfather were musicians. “The most ironic thing is that my grandfather has a master’s degree in music composition. He was a jazz composer. My father was also a musician and played like soul music. He was a drummer. , I play the piano. That’s what I got from my whole musical theory, pops, and my grandfather. ”

His father, I also owned my own business Travis earned a master’s degree in political science when he was young.

At the age of three, Travis began experimenting with music thanks to a drum set given to him by his father.

Today, the two have a great relationship, but Travis has revealed that this is not always the case. “I and my dad used to fight in front of friends,” he told the complex.

His mother, Wanda Webster, worked for Apple while Travis was growing up.

Mother and son have always had a strong relationship, and Travis Said He is forever grateful for her “patience and courage”.

As a token of gratitude, the Highest In The Room singer bought a home for her parents in 2016.


As a token of gratitude, the Highest In The Room singer bought a home for her parents in 2016.Credit: Instagram / @ travisscott

What was his childhood like?

Travis has a special bond with his grandmother, thanks to his affectionate relationship between his mother and father, as well as his one-on-one relationship with his grandmother as a child.

He said he witnessed a different lifestyle while at his grandmother’s house while experiencing middle-class suburban life with his parents. “I was with my grandma from 1 to 6 years old,” he told the complex. “So I saw something random and crazy. [I saw] Crazy ass and strange, hungry, dirty-looking people. I always thought, “I have to get f ** k out of this place.” That gave me my advantage —[it made me] Who am i now ”

In 2018, he posted Instagram She added that she “taught” his grandmother dancing [him] All stolen goods. It’s been stolen for almost 90 years. ”

Travis attended a private elementary and junior high school when he was young. But by the time high school came, he transferred to a public school, where he was interested in both his sport and his research.

He enrolled at the University of Texas at San Antonio, but dropped out during his second year. Focus on making music..

Does he have a brother?

Travis has two young brothers. His sister Jordan and his brother Joshua are twins who turned 21 in June this year.

In 2014, Travis revealed that the twins are big fans of his music and love to see him succeed.

Looks like Travis and Kylie Jenner’Daughter Stormi and their Second baby on the way, Grandparents, aunts, uncles a lot.

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Who are Travis Scott’s parents?

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