Who are the members of Brass Against?

The band Brass Against is in the hot water after band member Sophia Urista strokes the man’s face at the concert.

When the video became viral of the incident, the band spoke as a unit saying it would never happen again.


Sophia Urista is the lead singer of Brass AgainstCredit: Instagram

Blood Hammonds-Guitarist and Founder

Brad Hammons is from Baltimore, Maryland, studied psychology at Columbia University, and celebrated his 25th birthday in a recent Facebook post.NS Anniversary with his wife on Halloween.

Hammond is a guitarist and founder of Brass Against, formed when former President Donald Trump took office. For Hammond, forming a band was his way of protesting when he played the cover of Rage Against the Machine.

The performance was scheduled to be a one-night show in 2018, but has continued to grow since then.

Sophia Urista-Lead Singer

Brass Against lead singer, Sophia UristaSoaked in hot water for a stunt she pulled at a concert in Daytona, Florida on November 11.

Urista, 36, from Detroit, Michigan, started with The Voice in 2016, but was previously a medical student until she was 21.

She moved to New York City and now lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Andrew Gutauskas – Saxophonist

Grammy Award-winning Gutauskas is a seasoned saxophonist, music director and film musician. He produced 40 albums and won two short films, “Baby Want You Please Come Home” and “Still Together”.

In addition to being a brass-against saxophonist, the Gutauskas website states: Jump into Bollywood. “

Mariel Bildsten-Trombonist

Mariel Bildsten is from Santa Barbara, California, but currently lives in New York City. She is a member of several small jazz bands and a trombone player in Brass Against.

Bildsten studied jazz trombone at the Jazz Contemporary Music School in New York City from 2012 to 2015.

The school has a “progressive curriculum” and says it offers each student a “legendary musician” mentor.

Mads Swift -Violinist

Mazz Swift is a brass against violinist who has appeared on the David Letterman show and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

She is a Juilliard-trained violinist, performing at major venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center for the Atrium, and the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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Who are the members of Brass Against?

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