Who are Chris Daughtry’s children?

American Idol winner and country music artist Chris Daughtry is the father of three children, one of whom died on November 12, 2021.

Daughtry has a wife, Diana, and two children, and two older children since Diana’s first marriage.


Chris Daughtry has four children, Griffin, Noah, Adarin, and Hannah (from left to right).Credits: Instagram / chris daughterdry

Do Chris Daughtry have twins?

On November 17, 2020, Chris and Diana welcomed the dizygotic twins Adarin Rose and Noah James to the world.

The twins became pregnant by surrogacy, and in May 2020 the couple announced that they would expect new additions to their families.

Surrogacy is a new form of having a child when a couple uses male sperm and female eggs to create an embryo using in vitro fertilization.

The embryo then implants in the child, or in the case of Daughtry, the surrogate mother who carries the twins and gives birth.

Daughtry and his wife turned to surrogacy after Diana performed a total hysterectomy in 2016, and she could no longer give birth.

When the couple announced their pregnancy, Daughtry said, “I was overjoyed at this double blessing.”

Who is Chris Daughtry’s stepchild?

Daughtry is Griffin’s stepfather, 23 years old since Diana’s first marriage. Griffin is two years younger than her sister Hannah and seems to be very close to her stepfather.

In 2009, Griffin attended the 2009 AMA Awards with Daughtry at the age of nine and starred in Daughtry’s music video “As You Are,” released on August 8, 2021.

Who was Chris Daughtry’s eldest son and stepdaughter Hannah?

Daughtry canceled the week after his music tour After the death of his stepdaughter Hannah Price on November 12, 2021.

Hannah was 25 years old She was found dead in a house in Nashville.. Police did not disclose the cause of her death, and Daughtry said an investigation was underway.

Her mom, Diana, shared a photo of Hannah on Instagram on November 13th, saying: I love you endlessly Hannah.

“Our family is grateful for the love they have given us, sadly for losing their daughter Hannah.

“We are waiting for autopsy results to determine how Hannah suffered the injury that caused her death. Our hearts are broken.”

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Who are Chris Daughtry’s children?

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