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DJ Locksmith is a musician and best known for his role in the drum’n’bass band Rudimental.

However, the star will leave the stage and take on a whole new challenge in the jungle. He is reportedly isolated in North Wales in the hope of appearing in I’m A Celebrity 2021.


DJ Locksmith is a quarter of the band Rudimental

Who am I the DJ Locksmith for Celebrity 2021?

The musician and actor, known as DJ Locksmith, whose real name is Leon Rolle, was born in London on Christmas Day 1986.

The star is known as a member of the British drum’n’bass 4-piece Rudimental, which originated in Hackney.

Bands, including Rolle, first signed the Black Butter record in 2011.

Since then, they have partnered with Atlantic Records and Asylum Records.

In September 2021, the band released their fourth album, titled Ground Control.

Where did the name of his DJ locksmith come from?

Roll claims that his nickname came from his sneaky way of his school days.

He got a mitt from the caretaker on a spare keyboard, giving him access to all areas of the school.

Since then, the 34-year-old has maintained his nickname.


Music star’s first album, home is now platinum

How much is his net worth?

After a decade of career in the music industry, DJ Locksmith Impressive net worth About £ 1.7 million.

Rudimental’s first album, Home, became platinum in both the UK and Australia and was nominated for the BRIT Award in 2012 for the hit single Feel The Love.

DJ Locksmith is passionate about fitness and sports as well as music and attended Soccer Aid 2019.

Does he have children?

The DJ lock shop has two children.

His son, Leonjedus, was named after King Sparta.

As of November 2021, Leonyedus is 12 years old.

In January 2020, DJ Locksmith welcomed his daughter, a second child whose name has not yet been announced.

However, Stars regularly post snapshots of both kids to their Instagram account @theycallmelocksmith.

DJ Locksmith is believed to be engaged to the mother of two children, but they keep their relationship secret and her identity is not disclosed.

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Who am I the DJ Locksmith for Celebrity 2021? – Sun

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