White Nurses ‘Twice as Successful as Black and Asian Colleagues’ Promotion

Black and Asian According to a “deeply shocking” study, nurses are overlooked for promotion because of structural racism.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said its research suggests that racism is “endemic” to health and care, where white nurses are twice as likely to be promoted as their black and Asian counterparts.

A survey of nearly 10,000 nursing staff found that those of white or mixed ethnicity received more than at least one promotion since the beginning of their careers than their black and Asian counterparts.

The difference was most pronounced in people between the ages of 35 and 44, said RCN, which published the report at its annual convention in Glasgow.

The College called on the Government to take measures to combat racism, such as legislative requirements, to eliminate inequalities in recruitment, retention and career advancement, or to increase employers’ responsibilities to protect ethnic minorities.

RCN said that structural racism had a “devastating” effect on ethnic minority personnel, and highlighted the results of a survey showing that black respondents in hospitals and in the community were more likely to report physical abuse than respondents of other ethnic backgrounds.

Speaking at the conference, the agency’s nurse, Roselyn Sani-Ahose, said: “Kovid-19 was a terrible situation for nurses of black and ethnic minorities in the country.

“Because of the deficit PPE “(Personal protective equipment) did not give us adequate masks and told us to re-use our protective clothing and wear a robe all day long, even if we had contact with Covid-19 patients.”

RCN research shows racism is ‘endemic’ in healthcare


Bruno Daniel, RCN Diversity and Equality Coordinator, said: “The examples of squads experienced by nursing staff in the workplace are deeply shocking.

“The pandemic has focused on structural racism in health care, and we must seize this opportunity to eradicate this heinous behavior once and for all.

Government of the United Kingdom And the redeployed administration must properly recognize and address this problem and the devastating impact it has on staff and patients of black and ethnic minorities. “

Or NHS The spokesperson said: “Having a workforce that best reflects the people we care about is good for our staff and good for our patients, so while it is important to have more BME nurses in senior roles than ever before, the NHS recognizes that Needs more. To be performed.

“NHS organizations are committed to increasing BME representation in their leadership teams, and through initiatives such as the Florence Nightingale Foundation Leadership Program – in which 60% of participants plan to be promoted – the NHS is making significant progress.

White Nurses ‘Twice as Successful as Black and Asian Colleagues’ Promotion

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