Which UK cities are the most AI ready?

Cambridge may be the first in line to benefit from a growing appetite for AI in business and the public sector, new research has revealed.

The campus scored highest in the AI ​​Readiness Index devised by the AI ​​and analytics specialist SAS, closely followed by friendly rival, Oxford.

The index is compiled based on seven criteria, including the number of AI-related master’s degree programs and job advertisements, technology meetings and the amount of Innovate UK investment in a city.

In addition to having the largest number of AI-related jobs within a five-mile radius, Cambridge also has a company growth rate of 43% over five years and one of the highest volumes of R&D spending.

Manchester and Salford also appear to be a force to be reckoned with in the AI ​​stakes, taking third and fourth places respectively. Overall, they have 1,392 AI-related jobs available, most of them outside London, indicating a high demand for people with data skills.

Rank City University master’s degree courses Works nearby Pro-capite GDP Meeting events 5 years of business growth R&D expenditure of £ million Innovate UK spending by £ million Index score out of 700
1 Cambridge 2 802 54210 20 43.24% 347.97 54.49 415
2 Oxford 1 334 48123 6 10% 506.52 90.38 356
3 Manchester 3 692 47433 31 28.62% 167.1 13.1 337
4 Salford 3 700 34042 36 15% 169.9 0 307
5 Edinburgh 13 495 48718 14 28.57% 126.18 0 304
6 Birmingham 17 461 26812 12 31.85% 67.82 26.26 267
7 Bristol 12 413 37312 20 36.18% 85.41 8.76 289
8 Leeds 8 367 36247 10 73.89% 89.31 5.33 246
9 Coventry 8 121 19208 1 69.57% 52.23 88.56 242
10 Peterborough 0 30 35423 0 61.76% 347.97 54.49 227

Analyzes also revealed which parts of the UK are less prepared to use AI to its full potentialand benefit from the jobs and investments it can bring.

While seven of the least AI-ready cities are in devolved nations, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff all appear in the top 15 most AI-ready cities, with Edinburgh having the second-largest number of AI-related courses in absolute.

In the capital, Camden took first place in the ranking of London’s most AI-friendly boroughs, followed by Westminster and Hackney.

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“AI, machine learning and data analytics are transforming the way businesses and other organizations operate and the fact that so many cities are embracing it as a positive sign. Many, such as Manchester and Salford, are located outside London and in the South East, which is good news for the government’s “level-up” plans, “said Glyn Townsend, senior director of education services at SAS for Europe. , Middle East and Africa.

“At the same time, our research also shows large discrepancies between the most and least prepared areas. The size and remoteness of the place may explain why some are late, but it is important that they are given the opportunity to catch up.

“For starters, the UK doesn’t have enough data talent to meet the demand for AI, so we need to increase the talent pool with more opportunities for people to upgrade and retrain, rather than just relying on graduates.

“Government data shows that there are up to 234,000 vacancies for ‘hard data skills’, but only a potential supply of 10,000 graduates per year. We must try to integrate this with clear learning paths and career progress for others as well, such as Modern Apprenticeships and Continuous Learning.

“Companies should also really benefit from the apprenticeship levy and the significant return on investment offered by training.”

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Which UK cities are the most AI ready?

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