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“Mario Balotelli scored with the first touch on his first appearance in Monza.” Tweet William Mata. “Is his feat of scoring his first-touch debut goal unique?”

Mario Balotelli is a one-time event, but his feat is certainly not, William. Let’s start in Glasgow. “Celtic has two examples of Debutante’s first touch scorers in recent years,” writes Patrick Bradley. “Barry Robson made his debut at Celtic in 2008 and appeared as a sub of free-kick legend Shunsuke Nakamura in a league match at Pittodrie. Hesselink’s Jan Fenehall soon fouled at the edge of Aberdeen’s box. Robson fired a free kick to keep Naka’s talent.

“On the final day of the 2015-16 season, Ronny Deila made his debut in the final match with Jack Aitchison, who made Celtic’s youngest debut at the age of 16 and 71. Aitchison played in the second half of the match and was in senior football. With his first touch at, he thrashed Motherwell 7-0 and quickly scored the final goal. Not bad. “

16-year-old Jack Aitchison celebrates scoring with his first touch as a Celtic player Photo: Jeff Holmes / BPI / REX / Shutterstock

Even Aitchison’s feat Advanced Debut, not unique. “The Central Coast Mariners Matt Hatch scored on his first touch as a senior pro,” says Ciaran Hannigan. “Only he was on the scoresheet with Macarthur FC and it took only 25 seconds to break the record for the fastest debut goal. History of the Australian National League.. “

And who can forget Alan Smith? Scored on his first touch in professional football for Leeds In Anfield? Well, maybe someone, so that’s why we mention it.

Gary Brogden also has this for Middlesbrough Boogeyman. “Daryl Murphy always seemed to score against my lot when he played in Sunderland,” Gary sighed. “He was sent to Ipswich on a loan in 2010. His debut was against us, and he scored with his first touch 23 seconds later. Of course.”

In the previous edition of this column, I mentioned some first-touch debut scorers. For a fast debut goal.. A member of Michael Ricketts, England’s one-cap club, Scored against Brighton as 17 years old at Walsall in May 1996.. And Maheta Morango – Someone you may know locally – Stated his case 12 seconds from Brighton debut For reading in August 2004. For some others …

Can any fixture beat the 18-goal increase?

“”Sean Cabaney’s Question on 13 Goal Swings in Two Hull City v Wigan Games, And whether this is a record (March 3), It reminded me of the amazing results I recently saw in an old Manchester United program, “writes Peter Ahram. “In 1961, the year we saw our first match at Old Trafford, the reserve team beat Barnsley 11-8 in September, but Barnsley won 1-0 in January. So it’s not really a record of goal swings, but it’s certainly a candidate for the biggest difference in goals scored in a home-and-away match between the same teams in a calendar year. “

Emphasized title winners (2)

“Celtic led the Rangers 18 points earlier this month to win the SPL title in second place.” I wrote Matt Big Nell in April 2012. “What is the most important total team has ever won a league title?”

As discussed last week, Celtic finished their 2011-12 season with 20 points from Rangers. The following year, they saw their 20-point lead, raised it to 29, and cleared Aberdeen by 30 points in 2016-17, one more. Rangers could break Celtic’s record this season as well, but it’s unlikely. We are 20 points ahead in the remaining 6 games.

The most important victory in Europe’s top league was in France in 2015-16 when Paris Saint-Germain finished 31 points behind Lyon and Monaco. In the same year, Marco Silva’s Olympiacos finished the season 30 points away from Panathinaikos. And that was the season for 30 games.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic lifts League One trophy L’Hexagoal in 2016. Paris Saint-Germain won the league with 31 points. Photo: Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

In the Premier League, we asked with such polite telepathy, so the biggest winning margin is 19 points in Manchester City in 2017-18. That record may continue this year. Citi, who played more games, is 14 points away from second-placed Manchester United, with eight games remaining.

Knowledge archive

“The Italian referee The match under the age of 14 60 minutes later last week was due to one side being hit 31-0. ” I wrote Tom Lewis Jones in November 2015. “Are there any other examples of references that bring early conclusions to the procedure for unusual reasons (other than weather, floodlight failures, crowd troubles, etc.)?”

One of the best examples is Germany, where Wolf Dieter Aalenfelder played the Bundesliga match between Werder Bremen and Hannover 96 on November 8, 1975. Aalenfelder made some strange decisions in the first half. -Time after only 29 minutes. Aalenfelder added a 16-minute downtime as the lineworker pointed out his mistake.

Why stop the procedure early? Well, Herr Ahlenfelder initially denied he was drinking, but later admitted that he drank a few glasses of schnapps before the match. “We are men,” he added. “We don’t drink Fanta.”

can you help?

“Salford won the reorganized 2020 Papa John’s Trophy final on Saturday, reigning as the only 24-hour champion, and the 2021 final was won by Sunderland. Have you ever had a short rule?” Muse George Jones (and many others).

“As of this writing, the Premier League table shows all the teams in the top half with a positive goal difference and all the teams in the bottom half with a negative goal difference. Have you ever done it? ”Jez Nash asks.

“Gabriel Einze co-starred with both Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) and Lionel Messi (Argentina). How many other players can agree with that claim?” Masai Graham wonders. I think.

“When and where did the concept of the perfect hat-trick (header and goals scored from both feet) begin?” Asks Gerald Doyle. “I know Geoff Hurst managed it in the 1966 World Cup final, so was it considered a special feat of the time, or is the concept more modern?”

“The other day I noticed that a player named Chair scored a QPR against Chairboys (Wycombe),” begins Daniel Marcus. “It’s like a young man called a tractor playing against Ipswich, or an old lady playing against Juventus. The actual player who scored against a” nicknamed “club. Can you come up with an example of? “

“What is the longest consecutive play period in the Premier League (no throw-ins, free kicks, etc.)?” Francis Wilmar asks.

Which soccer player scored on the first touch of his debut? | Football

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