Which are the Best Bingo Halls in the USA?

Playing bingo has been a popular pastime for many since the game’s conception in the early 16th Century. As it embraces increasingly innovative technological advances, this storied and historical game remains relevant to this day. One of the most significant innovations being its move to the online sphere, which transformed bingo in terms of both popularity and perception.

Now that there are many places you can play bingo, websites such as Betfair offer variations like Deal or No Deal 75 and Rainbow Riches Bingo, at any time, giving players a broad choice in themes as well as a modern view of bingo.

Additionally, as more and more of these games become available to play, the demand for bingo grows stronger. Studies show that the bingo market is growing across America each year, with many players becoming attracted to the game.

So which bingo halls are considered some of the best across America?

Red Rock Casino – Las Vegas

Red Rock Casino is a hotel and casino in Summerlin South, Nevada, in Las Vegas Valley.

Named after the national conservation area Red Rock Canyon, this 118,308 sq. ft casino boasts a modern design inspired by its desert surroundings. Renowned for its glitz and glamor, the casino has a bingo hall that caters to a maximum of 610 people, making it neatly sized but spacious. It has a private bar, plenty of seating, and tables available, and is perfect for those willing to play in groups or individually.

The modern design of the hall gives off a retro feel, combining the past with the present which makes for a homely yet comforting aura. This, combined with the large flat-screen televisions surrounding the hall, make for a truly impressive experience which people can enjoy when playing.

The bingo hall is open seven days a week, from 9 am through till 11 pm. There are 8 one-hour bingo sessions daily and some of these sessions contain bonus balls, allowing more chances and offers to win.

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Foxwoods Resort Casino – Connecticut

Foxwoods Resort Casino is a hotel and casino complex located in Ledyard, Connecticut. The hotel has six casinos embedded within the resort, as well as its own bingo hall, which is currently the largest in the world.

Built-in the Mashantucket Reserve in 1986, the 4,000 sq. ft bingo hall has a capacity of holding 4,000 players, and is currently open five days a week – Wednesday through Sunday. There are two bingo games hosted each day, with the daily session being known as the Matinee, which starts at 10:30 am, and the later one is known as the Evening session, which starts at 6:30 pm. The bingo games last for around three hours, making for a remarkably in-depth experience.

The decor of the bingo hall feels more like a stadium due to its vastness, with bunting, flags, and banners protruding from the ceiling at length, creating a sense of community and togetherness. Tables are lined up in columns along the patterned floor, making appropriate use of the space the hall allows. At the front of the room, the bingo caller sits at a desk on an elevated stage, with a plasma television mounted on the wall behind them to allow players to visually see the numbers being called out.

Unique to this casino, Foxwoods also provides themed bingo nights – an example of this being Oktoberfest Bingo, an event they hold in October which incorporates elements of the German festival.

Oneida Indian Nation High Stakes Bingo – New York

Oneida Indian Nation High Stakes Bingo is located in the Turning Stone Resort Casino, based in Verona, New York. It opened in 1993 and quickly became a popular tourist destination for people visiting from around the world.

The hall currently seats 1,400 guests and the decor is a mix of old and new, making for an appealing yet historical-themed luxury room that enhances the playing experience tenfold. The casino is open seven days a week, with bingo games being hosted throughout the day between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm.

Each game has different names to differentiate them, which include the Early Birds, the Superminis, the Warm-Ups, and the Main Sessions, which are at 12:45 pm and 7:00 pm respectively.

These are just three of the bingo halls you can visit. There are many places you can experience playing bingo traditionally across America, so feel free to go out there and explore!

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