Where Should A Fountain Be Placed In A Home?

Having a water fountain at home could no doubt enhance the appearance of your home. Though you’re encouraged to be as creative as you want in arranging them at your home, feng shui experts still think that following the rules of feng shui is significant.

Hence, even having floor water fountains is subject to these rules. So if you’re someone who’s looking for a way to bring beneficial energy in their home, we recommend placing them in these areas:

Place them in the office.

If you’re a career-oriented person, we highly suggest placing a water fountain in the office. Given that this area is where you do most of your work, it becomes a crucial point in the house.

For this, it’ll be better to have a water fountain to lock in prosperity. As you may know, water signifies wealth and abundance in feng shui. Not only would adding one could please your eye and make you relax, but it would also bring a better flow in a stagnant environment.

More importantly, it takes in the positive Chi energy that’ll guarantee that money and peace would come in the space and make you a much better worker by improving creative thinking and productivity, ensuring that you’ll have several successes in your career journey.

In particular, we think that having a solace water fountain could be the ideal candidate. After all, it’s an item illuminated by four 50 watt halogen lights and a feature of onboard switches. Also, it employs the pressurized system to make sure that the entire slate surface stays consistent in its water flow, making us visualize that it would be a great view as you walk to and from your office.

Put them in the east.

You could say that this is an old trick, but feng shui assures that the east section of the family’s home is one of the critical spaces that’ll strengthen your family’s relationship. And to add to that, the location is mainly governed by wood.

In this case, we suggest going for a wood water fountain, especially those made in bamboo, since wood is known for supporting the fire element while opposing the element of earth. Additionally, doing so promotes better health among the family members, thanks to the water’s role in nourishing the wood.

Suppose that you’ve been noticing a couple of fights between your family, and despite having various talks about the situation, the incident still seems to escalate each time it happens. As a result, having a water fountain in your asset could for sure minimize the occurrence of this fight, given that water eases the mood of the people involved and helps them cool down from any stress they’ve been struggling with lately.

Set it on the west.

The northwest location is a desirable choice for those looking for a way to invite helpful people into their lives. Generally speaking, it would still be preferable if the material of your water fountain was made of ceramic, stone, or clay.

The reason is that these materials are compatible enough to represent the earth element, which would then maximize the power of the metal element and diminish the water element’s strength.

This could be helpful for homes that have too much water energy. So by considering this area, you’re guaranteed that fountains made from earth elements could cancel the excess water element and neutralize it by combining itself with the latter.

Though if this isn’t something you’re interested in, you’re free to opt to place them in the southwest to strengthen your family’s love towards one another.

To be precise, the best location isn’t just based on maintaining harmony between your home’s interior design and the item. Still, it’s actually dependent on your goals for your life as well as for your family. So make sure to map this out before purchasing a fountain.


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