Where S Club Junior is now

When S Club Juniors gathered on reality television 20 years ago, they were all in their early teens.

But now, the group, a miniature version of S Club 7, who found their own huge fan base, is in their thirties.


S-Club Stars (Top) Daisy, Jay, Frankie, Rochelle, Stacy, Calvin, (Bottom) Aaron and HannahCredit: Getty-Contributor

So what happened to the many stars in the group-and what are they doing now?

Some have gone further into pop star and television careers (Hello Rochelle Humes, Frankie Bridge), but others are less famous.

Here we look at the group and find out where they ended up and which of the eight found a new direction to rent one of their singles …

Rochelle Hume’s


Rochelle at one of the regular hosting gigs at This Morning last yearCredit: Rex Features

Most people will know what happened to the singer, then known as Rochelle Wiseman.

NS 32 year old star When S Club Juniors started to look a little senior, they had a chart-top success on The Saturdays.

She started dating Future husband Marvin Humes, Was the flagship of JLS in 2010 and got married two years later.

Rochelle broke into television through the Smiles of the Kids Show in 2004 and went to a bag to announce stints at Dis Morning, Extra Factor, and Ninja Warrior UK.

Aaron Renfrey


Aaron in a T-shirt with the names of all the S Club Junior TeamsCredit: Instagram

Smoldering Aaron was able to turn all these complex dance routines into a career-becoming a dancer and a demanding choreographer.

The 33-year-old has worked with Taylor Swift, Little Mix, Kylie Minogue and his older companions on Saturdays (see Rochelle and Frankie).

He also starred in Flashdance: Musicals and We Will Rock You and had an impressive West End career.

Jay Asphoris


Jay changed his name to Perry-but he hasn’t forgotten his S-Club pastCredit: Instagram

He knew the star as Jay Asphoris when he was a junior, but is now known as Jay Perry.

The 32-year-old starring Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton at Hamilton, the hottest ticket in the West End.

He also stands in front of a series dedicated to S Club Juniors and hosts an Instagram Live interview with a former bandmate.

Franky bridge


Frankie and her husband Wayne, 40, and their children Parker and CarterCredit: Frankie Bridge Instagram

Frankie Sandford, as was known at the time, has hardly left the entertainment world since leaving S Club Juniors.

NS 32-year-old singer He married football player Wayne Bridge and had great success on Saturday before winning the completely undesired “Wag” tag.

The two mothers starred in Strictly Come Dancing in 2012 and are now believed to be worth more than £ 10m.

She is also one of the stars heading towards, as the Sun revealed I am a celebrity castle Later this month-following Wayne’s footsteps.

Stacy Frank


Star playing for collaboration with Simon Cowell on The X Factor in 2009Credit: Rex Features

Known as Stacey McClean at S Club Juniors, the 32-year-old woman is now a mother and former X Factor star.

She showed her power at the live show in 2009, but unfortunately she was knocked out before the live show.

Stacy later starred in G * Mania, a favorite collection of former X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and Last Choir Standing touring the UK.

she Married to former professional soccer player Fraser Franks, 30, and they share a 2-year-old daughter Nelly.

Calvin Golds Pink


Heart-pounding Calvin moves to Los Angeles and calms down to give birth to a baby


S Club Junior at the Disney Channel Kids Awards held in London in 2002Credit: Getty-Contributor

Calvin was particular about music and became a singer-songwriter and even an actor, jumping into the United States and appearing in a remake of the British drama “Wild at Heart”.

He also appeared at the Royal Cheesefest William and Kate in 2011: Let Love Rule, a television movie aired in the United States. Kate Middleton’s brother James

Star married designer Melissa Carabello in 2015 and became the first parent of Aya’s baby in February last year.

Daisy Shellvey


Daisy is currently a top make-up artist working in Essex and NewcastleCredit: Instagram

Frankie wasn’t the only S-Cluber to protect top-level soccer players-Daisy is now Married to Jonjo Shelvey..

She and the Newcastle United (and sometimes England) midfielder got married in 2015 Jimmy Carr playing At the wedding.

Daisy had a musical career before becoming a popular make-up artist after From Above’s SClub, which reached the boot camp stage with The X Factor.

Hannah Richings


Hannah was absent from the entertainment world and gave birth to a baby last yearCredit: Instagram

Hannah, the youngest member of the just 11-year-old S-club team she joined, didn’t stop at Celebrity.

She is currently married, a mother with four children, and most recently gave birth to a baby girl called Pippa in September.

S Club Junior’s Aaron Renfree is all growing and blinking the washboard abdomen on TikTok … as he does all the clinge dance moves in the band

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Where S Club Junior is now

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