Where is Steve Wright?

STEVE Wright has been entertaining loyal Radio 2 listeners for over 25 years.

But his fans are wondering why he’s currently out of air and want to know when he’ll be back.


Steve Wright is currently off air on Radio 2Credit: Alamy

Where is Steve Wright?

Steve is away from the 2 pm to 5 pm slot Radio 2 From Monday, November 15, 2021.

It’s unclear why the station is currently stopping broadcasting, but there is speculation that he’s sick-although this hasn’t been confirmed.

Steve may also be away from his post for annual leave.

Sun Online contacted Radio 2 for comments on Steve’s absence.

Who has replaced Steve Wright?

Don’t be afraid, Steve Wright’s show is in good hands.

TV and radio star Vernon Kay I’ve been filling out for him since November 25, 2021-before that, both Padio Connell and Gary Davis have replaced Steve.

Vernon at this morning’s show (November 30, 2021) Manchester United Legendary and former England national team Bryan Robson OBE.

Football stars talk about the movie “Robo: Bryan Robson Story”. In addition, there is a 30-minute non-stop oldies.

I’m celebrity 2020 Star Vernon Has a long history of broadcasting, including his own shows Radio 1 Go back to the prank.

Vernon started his career as a model before switching to television and hosted the T4 on Channel 4 in 2000.

When will Steve Wright return to air?

At this time, it is unknown when Steve will return home.

Vernon will host his show again tomorrow (December 1, 2021).

After that, Gary Davis will be full again on Thursday and Friday (December 2nd and 3rd, 2021).

Steve attended BBC Radio 2 in March 1996 and began presenting Steve Wright’s Saturday Show (1996–1999).

In 1999 he took over the more attention-grabbing spot from 2 pm to 5 pm and has been there ever since.

He has been playing his famous Steve Wright Sunday love song since 1996, and it continues to this day.

Where is Steve Wright?

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