Where is Soulja Boy now?

Famous for its stage name Soulja Boy, DEANDRE Cortez appeared in the headline after the death of a fellow rapper.

For many years he has been known for his rivalry with this rapper, but fans weren’t happy after issuing his posthumous statement.


Soulja Boy is soaking in hot water after Young Dolph’s deathCredits: Getty Images

Who is Soulja Boy?

Born July 28, 1990, a 31-year-old Chicago native is known as an American rapper and record producer.

Cortez gained fame in 2007, following his debut single, Crack That. CrackThat ranked first on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Since then, he has released eight studio albums, Estimated net worth of $ 30 million Thank you for his career.

Where is Soulja Boy now?

In November 2021, Cortez graced the headline after the death of up-and-coming rapper Young Dolph. Shot deadly in Tennessee..

The two were reportedly eating beef Often in conflict on social media Beyond Money and Their Careers..

A week before Dorf was shot down, Soulja Boy Instagram Live where fans are said to be talking to his followers when he brought up Dorf’s name and he said “I’ll put a $ 100,000 prize on his head.”

A few days later, on November 21, Soulja Boy was separated from the next FedExForum show after a new surveillance footage showing Dolph’s shooting suspect was released.

“To keep the Millennium Tour 2021 artists and patrons safe, tour representatives want to be careful and make wise decisions about safety,” said a G-Squared press release. ..

“The safety and well-being of our patrons is a top priority … we are proud to bring a high quality concert experience to our patrons.”

At this time, there is no suggestion that the rapper has anything to do with Dorf’s death and he has not been nominated as a suspect.

Sun asked a Soulja Boy representative for comment, but did not respond before the release.

Dorf reportedly ate beef with multiple rapperss But it was Don’t know it before His death.

He joked about putting "$ 100,000 bounty" To Dorf just a week before he was killed


He joked about putting a “$ 100,000 prize” on Dorf just a week before he was killed.Credits: Instagram / Soulja Boy

What did Soulja Boy say about being pulled from the show?

Following the news, Soulja Boy talked about being dropped and admitted that he didn’t understand why.

“All Mutuffs have stopped the Memphis show, just as Young Dolph has something to do with me by his death,” the rapper said. XXL Magazine.. “What does dying f *** Young Dolph have to do with me? That’s the f *** I’m trying to understand.”

At this point, it’s still unclear who shot the rapper deadly, but Memphis police said Published surveillance photos Of the two suspects sought in connection with the murder.

He left his girlfriend behind, Mia Jane, When Their two children..

“He put a $ 100,000 prize on his head,” said rapper Soulja Boy, joking about past shootings a week before Young Dolph was killed.

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Where is Soulja Boy now?

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