When will the campsite and caravan park reopen?What does the UK Holiday Blockade Roadmap Mean?

The dates when the campsite and caravan park are allowed to reopen Announced as part of Boris Johnson’s exit strategy from the blockade..

Traveling in the UK for tourism is currently prohibited under blockade regulations. You are not allowed to stay away from home overnight..

Overseas travel will not return until May 17th At the earliest, it means that many are planning to spend their vacation here in the UK this year.

Here’s what we know about when campgrounds and caravan parks will reopen:

Announcement of resumption date

Self-catering accommodation will be reopened first, Because it is included in the second phase of the Prime Minister’s roadmap.

In other words, self-catering holidays will be available from April 12th at the earliest.

The stay-at-home order will end on March 29, allowing people to travel around the UK again, but will be required to stay as local as possible.

The Prime Minister announced a review of overseas travel on April 12 (Photo: Reuters)

The plan, announced on Monday, February 22, allows people to stay in self-catering accommodation, but only with members of their own family.

Campgrounds and villas whose indoor facilities are not shared with other households are also included in this category.

We recommend that you check with your provider for the exact reopening date before booking.

The remaining types of holiday accommodations, hotels, B & Bs and hostels are allowed to open in the UK by May 17th. Third step on the roadmap..

Rapid increase in reservations

Airlines and travel agencies are experiencing a surge in demand Following the announcement of Johnson’s roadmap, international travel rules are subject to change, despite government warnings.

The Prime Minister said on Monday that the government’s task force would prepare a report recommending how to resume international travel for the British people by April 12.

However, easyJet said a few hours after the speech, UK customers booked more than four times more summer reservations than they did during the same period last week.

The Luton-based company’s holiday division has risen even further, with demand increasing seven-fold.

The most popular destinations this summer are beach resorts such as Malaga, Alicante, Palma in Spain, Faro in Portugal and Crete in Greece.

Health Minister Matt Hancock warned that the results of the April overseas travel review would be determined by the effectiveness of the vaccine against coronavirus strains.

“We need to protect from these new variants, which is a big challenge,” he told Sky News.

He added that if the vaccine works well against virus strains from South Africa and Brazil, “it will be more relaxing about traveling abroad.”

“If the vaccine doesn’t work for them, it will be much more difficult,” he said.

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When will the campsite and caravan park reopen?What does the UK Holiday Blockade Roadmap Mean?

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