When will single Michelle Young and Nighte get married?

During the bachelor season finale, Michelle accepted a proposal from Naite on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

The couple has just been engaged and is thinking of a summer wedding.


Michelle Young and Nighte formally engagedCredit: GIF

When is your wedding?

The couple is shortening their engagement.

In a joint interview with US Weekly, Michelle “We are thinking about summer,” he said.

“We want warm weather,” she explained. E!new..

“I’m from Minnesota and he grew up in Winnipeg. It’s cold and snowing. It’s especially beautiful like this time of year, but in a wedding atmosphere I want to keep the sun shining and not snowing. I think. The ground. ”

Do Michelle’s parents like Nighte?

Michelle was convinced Nighte Before they got engaged, she Parents — Labonne and Efraim Young — I wasn’t shy About expressing their concerns about whether he is ready to get married.

according to Busy, Michelle’s mom revealed she didn’t believe it Nighte It was “100% in”.

But when she told her parents she chose him, Michelle said. We Her mom and dad immediately accepted him.

Naite proposes to Michelle at the finale


Naite proposes to Michelle at the finaleCredits: Getty Images-Getty

What’s next for the couple?

in the meantime Nighte and Michelle Plan their wedding, it looks like Naite is moving to Minnesota, and the couple are also looking to buy a house together.

However, many suspect that the couple may be moving too fast. One source told the sun exclusively that her friend believed it was an act.

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When will single Michelle Young and Nighte get married?

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