When Tyson was having a party and taking medicine, I’ve always wanted to stay here, says Paris Fury.

Paris Fury expressed deep concern about her husband Tyson at the height of the party and admitted that he “wanted to escape.”

Gipsy Kings Inflated to 28 stones From taking drugs, eating junk food, and drinking during dark days-after his victory Vladimir Klitschko In 2015.


Paris Fury revealed that Tyson “wants to escape” when he was suffering from parties and drugs.Credit: Rex
Six mothers frankly talked about the dark days of the couple


Six mothers frankly talked about the dark days of the coupleCredit: Instagram
Tyson piled up pounds while away from boxing


Tyson piled up pounds while away from boxingCredit: Instagram

Paris, 30, a podcast of Parenting Hell, said:

“Obviously … I was a woman at home, so I didn’t want to deal with the situation anymore
Tyson was at the party.

“There was substance abuse that I wasn’t aware of. I learned about it in a dissertation. I had everything to deal with it.

“And still trying to make a brave face. It was sometimes really hard.

“I just kept thinking: I don’t want to be here.”

Looking back on how it would have been different if she had given up on Tyson, she added:

“I stayed, and obviously we got over it together.”

Tyson was afraid that he might have a heart attack because of his bad habits.

However, the 32-year-old was inspired and turned around while in the Halloween pub.

Speaking in his book “The Furious Method” released last year, Fury He revealed that he remained feeling suicide when fighting depression, substance and alcohol abuse.

He writes: “Within a month of being a World Heavyweight Champion, I was in an emotional wreck on my way to a heart attack thanks to Class A drugs, junk food, and alcohol.

“I had an epiphany in a pub on Halloween night 2017. I was desperately overweight, humiliating, skin-tight, and dressed in a non-fitting skeleton that emphasized the 28th.

“I started training again, but I continued to drink and vendor, making the lives of my wife, children, and those closest to me miserable.

“Looking around the taverns of people half my age, I felt embarrassed and found that I had to change things.

“I left the pub early, stood in my pants bedroom late that night, knelt down and shouted for help from God.

“Tears were spilling. When I stood up, I finally sought God’s help and honestly thought that I had a serious problem, so I knew that the comeback had begun.

“Both my mental health and marriage were on the thread. Everything I used to look down on (including drugs) was now doing. That’s how I started to hate myself.

“Until then, I had never taken my eyes off being a decent father of children and drank cocaine. Still, here I was in a very early grave with a Colombian cartel floating. I was trying to swallow it.

“I’m grateful that not everyone shares the same desire to get into the ring and knock out 10 bells from someone, but I believe the components of my successful comeback will be useful to everyone. increase.

“I look like an average Joe-a bald and a little fat around the midriff. At the depth of depression, I committed suicide.”

Being a fat lazy ass with millions of people in a bank is not a way to live.

Tyson FuryFurious way

“But thanks to the support of my family and friends, seeking professional help and focusing on the positive outlook for life has made me physically and mentally healthy.

“The quality of our thoughts tells us everything we do, from the moment we wake up in the morning to whether or not we wake up.

“Being a fat lazy ass with millions of people in the bank is not a way to live.

“But hungry, healthy and really alive in the middle of a life journey-now it’s worth the fight!

“Every morning, looking out from the balcony of a house in the nearby sea counts my blessings.

“They say your life is a reflection of what you have in you, and lately I’m glad to say that it’s light, not darkness. In an athletic, positive, happy environment. Being and achieving your goals is my cure for depression.

“And they made me a cheerful and enthusiastic person in all my roles as a father, husband, son, and brother.

“Until I started training for the first Deontay Wilder fight, I was drinking 20-30 cans of diet coke a day. Sounds ridiculous, but I loved it now. Well, it’s up to us to educate ourselves.

“My mental health is directly related to exercise and Christians have helped both, so I end up with three takeaways from Old Baldy Head for a healthy life.”

Fury claimed to have come within seconds of his later suicide He wanted to die so badly that he drove his Ferrari at 190mph towards the bridge.

However, when the sports star returned to the ring when he fought Sefer Seferi in 2018, he managed to make one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.

Gipsy Kings fought to return to the top of the heavyweight division after abdicated WBC King Deontay Wilder in February.

Paris and Tyson Fury are enjoying a date night to “keep burning the flames”

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When Tyson was having a party and taking medicine, I’ve always wanted to stay here, says Paris Fury.

Source link When Tyson was having a party and taking medicine, I’ve always wanted to stay here, says Paris Fury.

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