When Sam Aston and his wife, Bryony, became pregnant with their baby, they “tried not to get pregnant.” 2

Coronation Street Star Sam Aston and his wife Briony talked about how they “strive not to get pregnant” when they discover they are pregnant. Expecting a second baby..

Speak exclusively understood! Like a family posing for a festive photo shoot They revealed that they have a baby girl, Yoga teacher Bryony told us:

“Just because Sunny was so premature, my concern was that they were too close together to give birth to another premature baby.

“But that just happened! Like Sonny, I knew I was pregnant. Something was a little off and I wasn’t feeling well. I took the test And obviously it was positive. It was a bit of a shock to Sam! “

Bryony, wife of Coronation Street actor Sam Aston, admitted that the pair was “trying to prevent pregnancy” when they discovered they were expecting a second baby.

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Sam, the son of Bryony, 28 and 26, was premature and arrived six weeks before August last year.

Briony shared the “shock” of learning that he had two children under the age of two and elaborated on how he shared the two-year news with his husband.

“Sam was sick and was sleeping in bed, so I asked him how he felt and if he could get anything. He asked for water,” he said. Briony told us..

Find the news that the couple says it was a “little shock”!

“Last time I told him I was pregnant with Sunny, I made him an egg and put it on a board that said,” Daddy, you’re a good egg, “so I put water on the same board. Sony put in my waist doing a pregnancy test.

“I went into the room and said,’I’m glad you feel a little better …’, and I just passed him a pregnancy test! I think his exact word was “Are you laughing?”

He said, “Every time I see it, I have a pregnancy test, so we need to burn that wooden board!”

Son Sonny is 16 months old

Actor Sam, who has played Chesney Brown on cobblestones since 2003, continues: Great news.

“It sounds like I wasn’t happy, but I was really happy. In Sonny’s case, it was planned as planned, but this was sudden.”

Briony added: There is a way in the universe, and I think it happened for some reason. Don’t worry about trying it out. That is wonderful. “

Sam has played Chesney Brown on cobblestones since 2003

The couple announced in October that they were expecting a second child in a sweet Instagram post featuring Sony surrounded by pumpkins.

In the photo, the couple held a board reading: “We are adding another pumpkin to the patch! Until Spring 2022.”

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When Sam Aston and his wife, Bryony, became pregnant with their baby, they "tried not to get pregnant." 2

Source link When Sam Aston and his wife, Bryony, became pregnant with their baby, they "tried not to get pregnant." 2

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