When people make technological mistakes

We often think sellers are perfect. They have backups. They have redundancy. They have experts who know exactly how to deploy solutions without fail. And then we see that they are no better than us.

Let’s look at some recent examples.

In the small to medium sized business (SMB) space, StorageCraft has long been a trusted backup software vendor. One of the first to make image backups easy to make, it was used and recommended by many managed service providers. Following the acquisition of StorageCraft by Arcserve in March 2021, there were no immediate major changes to how the company ran.

Then, last month, many backups in the cloud were permanently lost. As was reported Blocks and Files, “During the recently planned maintenance window, a series of redundant servers containing critical metadata was decommissioned over time. As a result, some metadata was compromised, and critical connections between the storage environment and our DRaaS cloud (Cloud Services) were disconnected. Engineers were unable to restore the required connections between the metadata and the storage system, making the data unusable. This means that partners cannot replicate or fail machines in our data center. ”

From 16 April, the status report stated: “All affected machines are now enabled and recovery points are increasing. The throttle is off and the uploads are working as usual. The time to replicate data will depend on each customer’s upload bandwidth and data volume. ”

That doesn’t help if you had an older backup that you wanted to keep in your cloud repository.

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When people make technological mistakes

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