When is the right time to go with a commercial cleaner?

Office cleaning is one of those vital services that should happen in the background of any professional environment. Floor spaces, desks, and bathrooms should be clean and fresh without you or staff need to know exactly who gets it done and when.

If this isn’t the case and you have to manage your cleaning staff, supplies, and schedule on top of running your business, it might be time to rethink your office cleaning situation and invest in commercial cleaning services for the benefit of your business and your employees. In fact, a clean office is known to improve employee productivity and well-being.

So if you’re reconsidering your office cleaning situation, how do you know it’s the right time to invest in a commercial cleaning service? Here are a few clear signs.

 Productivity is taking a hit

 Have you noticed an increase in the amount of staff falling sick? If it’s not flu season, your office may be harboring germs and bacteria on surfaces that, if not wiped down, can easily spread. This directly affects productivity as teams or departments are left without members to spread the workload.

If staff sick time is becoming a problem, it’s time to consider a professional service. A commercial cleaning service will not only use expert products to remove harmful germs or bacteria but also wipe and clean surfaces regularly enough so that they don’t spread.

Current staff is letting you down

 An in-house cleaner may be appropriate if your building is relatively small, but if they’re on leave, sick, or start to become unreliable when pitching up for work, who will pick up the slack? If your current cleaner or team of cleaners is starting to let you down, an outsourced team will provide you with reliable service from a team of dedicated experts.

With commercial services, staffing and schedules are entirely taken care of. That means that even if your regular cleaner cannot make it, there will be a trained professional to take their place on the day.

You embark on a cleaning spree before customers or clients arrive

 Have you ever had to send an email to the whole office asking everyone to clean their desks, wipe surfaces and pack things away in a last-ditch effort to make the office look tidy before important visitors arrive? While you’re most likely not the only one to ever have done so, it’s a sure sign you need a bit of help keeping the office space looking clean and fresh.

 A commercial cleaning service not only helps with the regular cleans but can also be contracted to help out on those all-important days when a VIP client or customer is set to arrive. You can leave the days of asking your staff to get some cleaning done instead of doing the work they were employed for behind.

You can see the dirt building up

 Do you brush past a cupboard and find dust marks on your suit? Or walk past a window that you can hardly see out of? Your office space isn’t getting regular enough cleans and could cause employees with asthma or allergies to suffer due to dust build-up.

If this is the case, a commercial cleaning service will be able to take care of all those tricky spots – from dirty windows to dusty cabinets – so that you and your staff aren’t actually getting the dirt on yourselves.

Your staff are taking on the cleaning

 If you walk into the office and colleagues are sweeping the floor or wiping down counters, it’s time to consider professional cleaning help. While it’s nice to know that your staff is willing to chip in when things get a little grubby, it’s a sure sign that lack of office hygiene is starting to get noticed.

Not only are staff members not trained or equipped to do the job effectively, but they’re also taking time out of their busy days to do a job they weren’t hired to do. A commercial cleaning service will not only provide well-trained cleaning professionals but also allow your staff to get back to being productive for your business.

You’re spending a lot of money on equipment

 Large buildings, particularly those with carpets and hardwood floors, require specialized equipment to get the job done well. If your cleaning and polishing machines have spent more time in the repair shop than on your floors, it’s time for an alternative solution.

Large-scale cleaning equipment can be costly to maintain when they start to age, and purchasing new equipment is even more expensive. By taking on a commercial cleaning service, you’re freeing yourself up of all those costs as all equipment and supplies will be supplied by the company.

  You’re receiving comments about the situation

 Finally, if you’ve started receiving direct messages, comments, or emails about the build-up of dirt or lack of regular cleaning in the building, it’s definitely the right time to go with a commercial cleaner. If it’s clear to internal staff that things don’t look great or professional, then it’s definitely clear to external customers or clients.

Maintaining a clean office not only benefits employees but also gives those all-important first impressions. The last thing you want is for a potential new business partner, new client, or even existing client to turn away because of how your physical office space is presented. A clean office environment helps towards building a good reputation in your industry.

Whatever the size of your office or building, if you can identify with some (or all) of these signs, it’s time to go with a commercial cleaner to fix the problem. Whether you need a regular schedule or help during peak visiting times, a commercial cleaning service can tailor a solution to your office needs.


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