When incapacitated, modification alone may not be enough

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Here is the secret. How can ministers know if they are good at running their department? can not! Most ministers are judged by whether they can appear on television and recite lines they have never written in order to defend policies they have not devised.

So thank you, Boris Johnson. He appointed Dominic Raab, Robert Jenrick, Gavin Williamson, and other terrible ministers who could see their failure.this week’s Cabinet reshuffle I didn’t chop up the dead tree. It was to eliminate the minister who accidentally continued to cause wildfires. Williamson’s dismissal was so predictable that it could have been auctioned off in a Tory black-and-white ball fundraiser.

But what does this mod tell us about Johnson? First, because of the bravery of all his tough crimes, the prime minister doesn’t care who runs the judicial system. Raab failed as Foreign Minister, but became a secretary of justice in comfort of the Deputy Prime Minister. You can only be demoted to Deputy Prime Minister in the UK, but it’s still nice to see Raab working hard to eventually resettle someone.

what else? Does Johnson want to promote women? please.. The percentage of women in the cabinet (27%) is lower than when Tony Blair resigned in 2007.

The remodeling explodes the myth that Johnson ignores public pressure. Since last year, the Daily Mail has called for Jenrik’s dismissal, Svengali’s Dominic Cummings, then Health Minister Matt Hancock’s dismissal, and a review of Williamson’s and Rab’s positions. The prime minister seems to have heard.Three senior Tories fired on Wednesday Approval survey Of party members by the website Conservative Home. Public opinion and the opinions of the party are important.

Johnson’s supporters say they want the government to get things done before the 2023 or 2024 elections. Gove is considered a problem solver and is a strange idea for anyone who remembers his role in the UK.

Part of the government’s problem is that while we want to accept a lot of donations from real estate developers, we need to get a lot of votes from people who hate real estate developers. Maybe it will find a way to encourage old and rich Tory voters to sell their homes to young and less rich non-Tory voters. Goves will surely find this easily.

The promotion of Nadim Zahawi, former minister responsible for the successful deployment of vaccines, to Secretary of Education is another sign of the government’s desire to define itself by ability. Perhaps it will work.More likely, Brexit’s enhanced skills deficiencies, resistance to tax increases, or Borrowed, And the lack of clear reform limits what can be achieved.

Given that it took Johnson nearly two years to plan social care, I don’t like many new policies embodying, but the minister is good. That said, the government is clearly planning to regain imperial measures. In other words, it’s finally free to say how many feet the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, said each time she appeared in the media.

There are many bad ministers left. This is partly a structural issue.There is 136 government jobs Many of them are beans, beginners, and oddballs to distribute to 363 Tories. You just don’t have enough talented MPs to go around.

This week is just the latest attempt at Johnson’s reinvention.He previously promised to figure out obesity, then Refused tax For unhealthy food. He promised to lead the world in climate change and then got stuck in climate change policy. If the minister does not appear, it is difficult for voters to settle. When the prime minister does the same, it’s much easier to solve.


When incapacitated, modification alone may not be enough

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