When David Ginola challenges an ITV show and gets naked, I’m a celebrity fan enthusiastic

I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! Contestants David Ginola After taking off his shirt for the latest face-to-face challenge at the show at Epsiod on Tuesday, November 23, the fans fluttered.

Soccer legends proved that he still has it when he stripped off while competing with Clink’s campmate. Naughty boy Against Franky bridge When Cadina Cox From the main camp to win a treat for their camp buddies.

When the four celebrities arrived at the challenge titled Don’t Waste It, Frankie read aloud the instructions to follow to get a chance to win the treats of the other members of the team.

David Ginola took off when he took part in the I’m A Celeb challenge

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“In front of each of you is a tank filled with liquid, on which a biscuit plate is fixed,” she said.

“With the sound of the horn, the tank begins to drain and the level of effluent begins to drop. However, one person must be trapped in the lower cage and use a bucket to catch as much water as possible.

“Then the partner needs to raise the bucket up the stairs to refill the tank. The goal of the game is to keep the liquid level above the line.”

The instructions declared that the pair where the waste first touched the line was the loser and robbed the biscuits.

Among the four famous contestants, Kadina was decided to refill with a naughty boy while Frankie and David headed for the cage.

With an unexpected move, the apparently confident sportsman had the opportunity to get rid of his top in the embarrassed reaction of one of his competitors.

David hurriedly left Frankie Bridge when faced with her in a challenge
David certainly gave the viewer what they wanted

“So David decided to be topless. It was a very strange moment for me. I haven’t seen him properly yet,” Frankie said with a laugh.

“I think Wayne is very pleased that there was a bar between David and me in the shower,” she added.

The 54-year-old had no problem being shirtless. There were also many viewers who left quite satisfactory answers online during the episode.

One viewer wrote:

I’m a celebrity fan plunging into a former soccer star

Another addition: “David Ginola hasn’t lost it #ImACeleb”.

While one-third said: “David Ginola is taking off his top for” why “-here #ImACeleb for it.”

“When I saw David Ginola topless, my day was pretty okay. #ImACeleb,” said another, “take off your shirt and David Ginola. That’s a tweet.” Did.

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David’s striking look wasn’t enough to win the challenge, as Frankie and Cadina brought the biscuits back to the main camp after their success.

“It was as if I and David were taking a shower together,” Frankie recalled.

“I was like,’Give the viewer what David wants.’ At some point, I looked around and said,’You look like you’re in a spa or something. He was very cold. “said.

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When David Ginola challenges an ITV show and gets naked, I'm a celebrity fan enthusiastic

Source link When David Ginola challenges an ITV show and gets naked, I'm a celebrity fan enthusiastic

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