When can I get my Covid booster pocket? Everything you need to know

The Omicron Option COVID-19 Spread rapidly in the UK in December and January until infection rate gradually decreased and was encouraging Boris Johnson To be dropped “მაEgma bRestrictions were introduced to stop the spread before Christmas.

Speaking in the House of Commons in February, the Prime Minister said that the instructions Wearing a mask in public places And submitting a Covid pass to enter crowded places Would be canceled As the increase in New Year’s infections was reduced so as not to be followed by mass hospitalization experts.

Work from home under guidance It was also abolished, people were no longer encouraged to work remotely, as was the official reference from December 8, 2021, as well as the self-isolation requirement, which was terminated a month earlier because the government was trying to move to “life”. Covid’s strategy.

Still, as of late Increase in infections from the BA.2 Omicron subspecies Reminded us that the pandemic is far away and this option remains a threat, so members of the public are still urged to get a third (or fourth) Vaccine jab to boost immunity as soon as possible.

NHS The rules on boosters were eased in December, so all persons over the age of 18 were offered a third entry, a decision supported by the Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee, which also recommended reducing the period between the second and third drops from six months to three. To defeat the variant.

You can now get the booster if you are over 18 – or over 16 years old – and at least three months (91 days) have passed since you received your second dose of one of the approved Covid vaccines.

If you have the right to a Vaccine Amplifier pocketYou will no longer have to wait for the NHS to contact you make an appointment Online.

If you find it difficult to make a reservation due to high demand, you can also visit any Vaccination Center to get a fine where people are advised Use the NHS Online Search Engine To determine their nearest center.

If you have had a positive Covid test, we recommend that you wait four weeks (28 days) before booking your amplifier, starting on the day of the test.

“NHS staff make it as easy as possible for people to get additional vaccinations,” said Dr. Nick Kanan, NHS Deputy Chief of Staff. COVID-19 Vaccination program.

“People can now go online, find the nearest site and go and get an amplifier right away. The amplifier is not only enjoyable, it is a really important protection. So if you have the right, please check the site finder and go get your pocket. ”

When can I get my Covid booster pocket? Everything you need to know

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