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When a carrier strike group visits Italy, the Defense Minister rides the HMS Queen Elizabeth to meet with NATO allies.

After Defense Minister Ben Wallace met with Italian Defense Minister Lorenzo Gerini and Turkish Defense Minister Frusi Akar on the British flagship docked in Augusta, historic developments have led Britain to build closer ties with its defense partners. We continue to provide the perfect platform for Sicily.

Prior to next week’s NATO summit in Brussels, this visit will inform Defense Ministers how the three countries can work directly and as part of NATO to address global threats and maintain regional security in the Mediterranean. Provided an opportunity to discuss with two alliance members about. ..

Wallace has updated his recently published integrated review of security, defense, diplomatic and development policies and his response to the accompanying defense command, citing the UK’s cast iron commitment to the NATO alliance.

He also reiterated the positive and supportive role that Britain plays with its partners in addressing common challenges such as ensuring peace in Libya. Libya’s instability in recent years has allowed Daesh to occupy its territory, and smugglers are using the country as a stage for sending immigrants on dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean to Europe.

The three NATO Defense Ministers also discussed how they can work together to help Libya achieve lasting security, stability and peace. The Defense Minister’s visit was then completed in a face-to-face meeting with Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar on recent defense cooperation, including a visit to Istanbul by the carrier strike group escort ship HMS Defender earlier this week.

In their discussion, Mr. Wallace will spend a day in Libya with Foreign Minister James Cleverly, meeting with Prime Minister Abdulhamid Davaiba and other Libyan officials to advance the peace process and elections planned for later this year. It took place after discussing the support of Britain at the time. ..

Defense Minister Ben Wallace said:

It was a great opportunity to see my counterparts Lorenzo Gerini and Fursi Akar on board the ITS Cavour and the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth today. As shown in recent exercises as part of the CSG deployment, we share both the Mediterranean security efforts and the building of the capacity needed to act.

Wallace and Gerini discussed British-Italian defense cooperation on the Italian Navy destroyer ITS Cavour before joining Akar on the HMS Queen Elizabeth. Mediterranean Sea.

As close NATO allies, the UK and Italy share a commitment to democratic values, a focus on innovation, and the importance of new technologies to maintain an advantage over those who threaten those values. I will. The latest state-of-the-art F35B jet from an aircraft carrier. Earlier this week, F-35 Lightning jets from Italy and Israel joined jets from the United States and the United Kingdom deployed in carrier strike groups and were trained in exercise falcon strikes.

Elsewhere in Italy, ships from carrier strike groups made port calls and local involvement with HMS Diamond in Taranto, RFA Fort Victoria in Messina, and USS The Sullivant in Gaeta. The British carrier strike group, which has warships from the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, and now Italy, is truly a multinational force.

In the carrier strike group deployment, HMS Queen Elizabeth leads six Royal Navy vessels, a Royal Navy submarine, a U.S. Navy destroyer, and a frigate from the Netherlands, with the most concentrated Navy and air force, one generation in the United Kingdom. Away from.

The seven-month global expansion extends through the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean to the Indo-Pacific, interacting with more than one-fifth of the countries of the world.

This was after the Prime Minister announced in November that he would increase defense funding by more than £ 24 billion over the next four years, allowing the military to respond to future threats.

When a carrier strike group visits Italy, the Defense Minister rides the HMS Queen Elizabeth to meet with NATO allies.

SourceWhen a carrier strike group visits Italy, the Defense Minister rides the HMS Queen Elizabeth to meet with NATO allies.

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