Wheel Of Fortune causes fan anger after a player goes beyond technology and loses to a brand new car

Wheel Of Fortune players missed getting a brand new car with what looked like a little tech.

Charlene Rubush has reached a bonus round of a popular game show for $ 16,500 this week.

And during the episode on Tuesday, Rubush seemed to solve another mysterious phrase to win the brand new Audi Q3, but that she paused too long between the four correct words. I knew.

Expertise: Wheel Of Fortune contestant Charles Rubush missed a new Audi when he got the correct answer, but there was a 4-5 second delay between the 3rd and 4th words of the phrase.

according to Yahoo entertainment, Rubush entered the bonus round with clues in the “What are you doing?” Category.

She first guessed the four words “choose the right card” because the five letters haven’t turned yet, but this wasn’t correct.

With the time clock still ticking, Rubush uttered the first three words correctly again, paused, and finally delivered the last correct word. This happened to be a “word”.

For many viewers at home, Rubush correctly understood the phrase “choose the right word,” but the judge said she paused too much after the third word and the four-word phrase. I decided that I needed to say the whole thing in a row.

Big Money $$: Rubush has reached the bonus round for $ 16,500

High Voltage: Leaving the 5 letters, Rubush first replied, “Choose the right card,” but this wasn’t correct.

Basically, Rubush got the correct answer before the buzzer sounded, but paused too much after the third word.

“As you know, this is difficult because I said all the correct words, including the word” word, “” host Pat Sajak explained at the moment of the disappointed athlete after the buzzer sounded. I added: “But as you know, it has to be more or less continuous. It rests a bit, but doesn’t allow 4-5 seconds.

He continued:’I’m sorry. You did a good job getting it, but we can’t give you a prize, and it was Audi.

Some of the show’s fans have since taken them to social media to share their anger over a four- to five-second pause that has sacrificed her a big four-wheel award.

Correct Words: Rubush repeats the first three correct words, pauses for about 4-5 seconds, and then delivers the fourth word. This happens to be a “word”.

The judge of the athlete who dominated the show must say the phrase continuously for their answers to be taken into account, so Rubush missed the Audi Q3.

“#WheelofFortune What do you know ?! I’m going to take a long break from the wheel of fortune …” one viewer wrote, it was a threat to boycott the game show.

Some of those indignation fans boycotted the show’s threat one step further, urging producers to give Audi to Labush.

“Give her a car @WheelofFortune !! This is ridiculous,” the viewer tweeted, following similar emotional trends such as “Give her a car, @WheelofFortune.”

Another disappointed fan turned things around by holding the carmaker accountable by sharing,’AUDI? Become a bigger person and give the woman her car. thank you. ‘

Anger: Fans have been using social media ever since to share their anger at their specialty

Repulsion: Many fans are urging the Wheel of Fortune to give Rubush a car

One person is more descriptive while insisting on revealing the so-called “hidden rules”, following the lead of others who threatened to boycott the game show that debuted in 1975. became.

‘@WheelofFortune ran well. I don’t see the show anymore, “says the man about Merv Griffin’s work. “The woman won AUDI, she answered the phrase within the allowed time frame. You have a hidden rule, a fake show. Never see again (she AUDI ANNND) Unless you get it, the rules will change).

Rubush is certainly disappointed that he missed Audi, but she leaves WheelOfFortune for her $ 16,500 on a bounty and vacation getaway.

Boycott: Some fans threaten to boycott the show if they don’t give the athlete an Audi

Anger: One viewer thinks Audi should still give Labush a car

Still Winner: Rubush Leaves Show With Prize $ 16,500 And Vacation Vacation

Wheel Of Fortune causes fan anger after a player goes beyond technology and loses to a brand new car

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