What’s New in Money Train 2?

Money Train was a popular online slot game in its own right, so it’s no surprise that there is now a sequel. Money Train 2 is just as well-received as its predecessor, with tonnes of people enjoying the release daily. For the Relax Gaming studio, it must feel like they can do no wrong at the moment.

Still, Relax can’t rehash the same features and hope gamers will stay on the bandwagon. In an era when consumers want innovation and originality, it’s essential to add new elements to games. Otherwise, customers won’t enjoy the experience as much as they did previously. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the things that have changed in Money Train 2.

A Potentially Lifechanging Jackpot

Winning isn’t everything when you play online slots, since the enjoyment you get from the excitement and unpredictability makes slot games worth sampling regardless. Of course, it’s nice to know that there is a large jackpot waiting for you if you do manage to strike it lucky. It enhances the gameplay, since the figure is always in the back of your mind. When you experience Money Train 2, you’ll notice that the win potential is greater than Money Train. For instance, the latter has a max win of 20,000x your stake per spin, whereas the former is 50,000x your stake. Nobody knows if Lady Luck is shining on them when they press Spin, but if she is, you’ll thank your lucky stars when you select Money Train 2!

Different Symbols & Features

The Game Product Owner from Relax Gaming spoke of not wanting to release a sequel that eats off the success of the original. To avoid doing this, the developers have ensured Money Train 2 hits the high notes by tweaking the symbols and features. This makes sure the game flows in its own right and isn’t just chugging along with the ghost of its former self in the background. A prime example is how the motifs have changed. In Money Train, the characters were the gunslinger, TNT expert, debt collector, and their notorious leader, with the latter being the highest-paying symbol on the reels. When you play Money Train 2, you’ll notice how the characters have been replaced by the Collector, the Payer, the Sniper, and the Necromancer to take the theme to the next level. Instead of being a simple Western, the slot feels darker as a result.

The Theme

Speaking of the theme, it would be wrong not to address its evolution. Money Train was essentially a traditional Western set in the Wild West. Part of the reason players loved it was because of the relatable and familiar setting that is found throughout the gaming industry. Money Train 2 builds on this by modifying the theme for something darker – a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The Necromancer symbol epitomises this, as he can bring icons back to life to stop your session from ending early. Of course, a Necromancer is a mysterious entity that has magical powers, so it’s hard to get away from the fact that this version of the series isn’t as light. However, that’s a feature that players are bound to love since there are very few slots like it on the market!

Money Cart Bonus Round Tweaks

The Money Cart Bonus Round was one of the main reasons Money Train was a massive hit for Relax Gaming. To change it completely would have been a mistake, which is why the foundations of the bonus round are the same. Still, the developer has attempted to make it even better by introducing new symbols to give players more opportunities at winning when they collect all characters. You can unlock an additional two reels if a reel is filled with symbols, too.

So those are the things that have changed with the latest release of the Money Train franchise. Do you think it’s for the better? The only way to find out is to play the game and evaluate the experience!

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