What You Need to Know on Asian Handicap in Football

Discover what Asian Handicap is and how to improve your sports betting using this betting market that has been growing fast.

Sports bets made through websites are really very diverse, the possibilities are numerous and one of the best known is the Asian handicap.

If you’re not part of the new betting team and don’t really understand how positive and negative numbers work, then you don’t need to despair too soon.This type of betting is not a 7-headed beast and it is precisely to end the myths of sports betting that we have created for you.

So, you who are starting now will be able to have all the information you need to explore the world of betting without fear.

In this text, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Asian handicaps and improve your bets on this popular betting market.

What Are the Betting Markets

Before delving further into the subject of Asian handicapping, we need to understand the world of betting markets. Every new user has certainly heard of this term, it is on every betting site and you’ll surely be reading it here as well.

Conceptualizing this term, markets are the different types of bets that can be made in the same game and that are made available by the bookmaker.

Not all of them offer a huge variety; however, for you who are learning now, having contact with over 90 markets would be a bit confusing.And yes, you don’t have to limit yourself to betting on the outcome of a football match (even the Asian handicap changes that completely).

You will be able to explore the number of corners, of goals, in the next goal… The options are numerous and vary from site to site.

The Main Betting Markets

As we said, there are numerous markets, among them you will find the following:

Of course, the markets are not limited to these; however, they are the most widely played and available at bookmakers. For someone who is new to this business, it may seem complex, but these are also great chances to make money especially on a sports betting exchange.

Before registering to a bookmaker, we recommend that you enter the games and also explore the markets to see if that site meets your expectations. However, we won’t let you leave empty-handed as we’ve found a very good article from a bookmaker, which is this one bet365 ingyenfogadás from world class bookie bet365.

Now, let’s get into the Asian handicap subject.

Understanding the Whole Concept

As the name reveals, the Asian handicap emerged in the Asian betting market and soon became popular around the world, especially within football.

Simply put, by betting on this market you are establishing a virtual advantage to one of the teams.When idealized, this market was created in order to direct the result of the game to two possible bets, in a football game.

By establishing team A, it would start with -1; right away it already eliminates the possibility of a tie leaving a win or loses for that team.At this point, you don’t need to be scared by negative and positive numbers, later we’ll explain how this entire works.

Putting this knowledge in more practical terms, in a match between Brazil and Portugal, forexample, when betting on the Asian handicap market “Portugal -1” this implies that the score starts at Brazil 1-0 Portugal.

For Portugal to win the game against Brazil, it is necessary for them to score at least 2 goals. If they only score once, the bet is automatically void once there is a tie.

This is important when determining whether you got your guess right and will receive the winnings from the bet, if you lost or even get the value returned. It certainly makes the bet much more interesting.

Odds vs Handicap

When you put one team at an advantage and another at a disadvantage, it’s an attempt to equalize forces. This, as a consequence, also tends to equalize the teams’ odds.

Returning to the example of the favorite team, the greater the strength of that team, the lower their odds tend to be, because the probability of winning is very high.

This results in odds like 1.52 on average.The return for players who really believe in this team is very low compared to other scenarios.

Thus, when putting this team at a disadvantage, -1 for example, the odds tend to go up because in addition to winning, the team must score at least 2 goals.

Using the Asian Handicap in this way can cause the odds to go from 1.52 to 1.89, for example, representing larger gains if the bettor hits the guess. Furthermore, by using fractional numbers like 0.5 or 0.25 you also reduce your potential losses.

It’s worth remembering, especially for you beginners that games don’t always follow in the most predictable way. Payattentiontothespecificationsofeachgame.


The Asian Handicap is a very popular way of putting more difficulty in a game, increasing the odds. And it can be used not only in football, but also in other sports, such as basketball, for example.

With it, you are able to bet on the favorite team without facing very small odds, increasing your profit in the end. That is why many people are choosing the Asian Handicap to bet nowadays.



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