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What to Do If Your Boiler Breaks Down This Winter

There’s no worse timing for your boiler to go down than in the middle of winter. With the odds released on chance of snow this Christmas, now more than ever we need cosy homes to retreat to on dark winter evenings.

But if your boiler does break down, what steps can you take before calling out an engineer?

In this article, we discuss a few initial checks that you can carry out before calling for backup.

Try to identify the problem

You may not be an expert, but you can investigate to see what might have gone wrong. Check to see if any error codes appeared on the boiler screen. If you have a smart meter, check your current reading to see if it looks normal. Has your water pressure dropped?Doing these initial checks can help to speed up the process if you do need to get an engineer out to look. Ensure your engineer can prove he is on the Gas Safety Register for peace of mind.

Try hitting reset

If you can’t see an obvious problem, it could be time for the classic “on and off” trick. Use the restart button to attempt to spark the ignition again. Boilers that haven’t been used in a while can sometimes need a bit of time to defrost and get going again when they’re suddenly needed much more in the colder winter months.

Stay safe

If you can smell gas at any point, turn the boiler off immediately and contact an engineer as soon as possible to come out as a matter of urgency. Check for signs of carbon monoxide poisoning to ensure there are no other leaks. If you’re concerned, get everyone to vacate the house until an engineer arrives.

Likewise, no boiler means no heat. In winter, it’s vital you keep your extremities and core body temperature steady, so make sure to layer up until you can get somewhere warmer.

Get professional help

If you’ve tried the basic suggestions and you still can’t seem to get to the bottom of the problem, it may be time to call a professional engineer to come out to view your boiler. Whether it’s a case of repair work or a new boiler is needed entirely, we understand that this can be costly. Be sure to weigh up your financial situation to decide how best to foot the bill when it comes to paying your engineer.

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