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What To Do If You Get Bedbugs From A Hotel

If you think you have got bedbugs from a hotel, there are a few steps you should take next. You can take antihistamines if the bites are bothering you, but you also need to let the hotel know as soon as possible. You may need to show proof that a bedbug bit you, so get your camera ready and find out how to recognise the sign of bedbugs. Below is a short guide on what to do if you get bedbugs from a hotel.

Know The Signs Of Bedbugs

 A few things can indicate a bedbug’s presence, and depending on how many bedbugs are in the hotel room, you may even be able to spot a few of them. Bedbugs are pretty small but can still be seen with the human eye. They are around 8mm long, much like an apple seed. They either look red or brown and have an oval shape.

Bedbugs that are not fully grown can be even smaller though, so it is not always possible to find bedbugs. If you cannot find the bugs, check your bedsheets. When you get a bedbug bite, this will cause you to bleed, which is a common sign of bedbugs. The hotel bedsheets may be covered in small spots of blood where you were bitten.

Also, bedbugs can stain the bed a rusty colour due to their excrement, so this is another sign to look out for. Other than what the bed looks like, bedbugs have a very distinct smell which is quite offensive, and this tends to be a sure-fire sign that bedbugs are present.

Gather Your Evidence

 Once you have labelled bedbugs as the culprit, you need to gather evidence in case the hotel tries to fight against your claim. No hotel wants to admit that they have bedbugs as it’s bad for business, so you need photo evidence. Take pictures of anything on the bed that links to bedbugs and your bedbug bites. Make sure to take photos of every single bite you can find, as this can help later.If your bedbug bites are itching, you can take antihistamines to calm down the itch, or speak to a pharmacist who may be able to prescribe something that could be more usefulf for you..

Get some photos of the bedbugs if you find any. You can try catching a bedbug for further proof, but this is not easy as they are pretty quick. Photo evidence will be enough if you don’t fancy giving it a try, but the more evidence you have, the better.

Take Your Evidence To The Hotel Manager

 For something like bedbugs, you want to ask to speak to the manager straight away. Tell them what happened and show them the evidence of bedbugs in your room. The manager will probably want to come up to your hotel room and inspect the bedding themselves, it is important that you let them do this. The manager should offer a solution to you, such as a refund, a switch of rooms, or checking out. This will depend on what you want to do.

You are well within your rights to ask for a full refund for the night, and if the management refuses, you could take this further. There have been successful cases where hotel guests have sued due to bedbugs, although you may not want to take it this far. As you have evidence of the bedbugs, most hotels will want to do what they can to make amends, as getting a negative review online about bedbugs will diminish the hotel’s reputation.

Make Sure Bedbugs Do Not Follow You Home

 Bedbugs are tiny and can easily sneak into suitcases and backpacks. Despite their name, bedbugs will travel all over the room, including up the walls. A female bedbug could also lay her eggs in your clothing, and as their eggs are minuscule, you aren’t likely to see them. Luckily, there are a few steps you can follow to reduce the chance of bringing back bedbugs.

When you arrive home, the best thing to do is leave your suitcase outside. This is the most likely place that a bedbug would hide. Then, put all your dirty (and clean) laundry in a bag that you don’t mind throwing away, such as a plastic bag. Tip all your washing into the machine and make sure to put it on high heat, over 37.78°C. You can then clean your luggage with boiling water, or a steam cleaner if you have one. You should also know the best ways to protect your luggage from bed bugs if you’re travelling.

Getting bedbugs from a hotel can be distressing, especially if the bites are bothering you. After your stay, consider leaving a review if you feel as though the hotel did not adequately deal with your issue. Bedbug bites tend to clear up on their own, without needing treatment. You can speak to your doctor if you are concerned.


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