What the iPhone 13 and iPad mini mean for businesses

Apple 77-minute iPhone 13 event In recent memory, such a launch wasn’t the longest – the iPhone 7 took 119 minutes to roll out.But the company executives There was still quite a bit to pass on Tuesday. The most important things for enterprise users are:

We all want the same

To be fair, the differences between companies and consumers’ expectations of technology continue to diminish. Workers want to use the same tools at work as they do at home. These days, most employers feel the same. Software and hardware are expected to provide a well-thought-out user interface that puts the user first and reduces user friction rather than increase it.

Rearview mirrors are quickly disappearing in an era when enterprise solutions were awkward or awkward to escape. This means that even the consumer features that Apple emphasized have some implications for enterprise IT. Some were particularly noticeable.

Those career promotions

For example, consider career promotion.Me I wrote them down hereHowever, these are emerging globally with promising arrangements, with carriers benefiting more from their investment in 5G infrastructure, while 95% of existing iPhone users who do not yet have a 5G device. Should give you a really good reason to upgrade to.

Jeffreys Analyst Kyle McNeely Note:

“One of the most important factors in launching the iPhone 13 from our point of view is a career promotion (and an effective grant) that is even bigger than last year’s strong promotion,” he said. Is also aggressive and has a high dollar value or does not need a whole new line. “

Of course, analyst Morgan Stanley’s The belief that 5G was what consumers most wanted and is still the same From iPhone, improved camera and better battery life will continue. Apple has fulfilled all three wishes.

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What the iPhone 13 and iPad mini mean for businesses

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