What summer makeup trends you should try

Many cosmetic products are challenging to use in hot weather. Foundation and some other cosmetics do not hold up properly when exposed to high temperatures or humidity. Besides, too dense textures can create an unpleasant layer on your face, blocking normal sweating and the skin’s metabolic processes.

Improperly picked up decorative cosmetics can lead to a steamy effect on the epidermis, provoking irritation and inflammation. How can you stay beautiful in summer and wear something besides sunscreen? Find out at the best makeup products that can effectively be used in hot weather and still look fabulous.

Five tips for a beautiful and trendy summer makeup look

The main secret of an on-trend look is minimal makeup. However, you can’t skimp on it even to create a bare face effect. Therefore, many professionals advise girls and women to choose the right products to use, not to make a cake effect on the dermis and not to feel uncomfortable in any way. Besides, products with a strong coating in summer provoke rashes and irritations.

Tip 1. Replace your foundation with a tinted moisturiser.

This solution will save you from having to apply thick coverage cosmetics and eliminate any discomfort. A moisturising cream with a light pigment will even out your skin tone, nourish the cells and avoid creating a mask-like finish. Light-reflecting goods are the best so that a moist finish will not accentuate the texture of pores and wrinkles.

Tip 2. Reject hyper-pigmented highlighters and products with an excessive glow.

During hot weather, the skin will naturally produce more sebum. Combined with sunscreen and a moisturising foundation, there will be enough luminosity on the epidermis. If you use a highlighter as well, the dermis will look greasy and not clean. It is possible to apply a small amount of liquid highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes, under the brow and on the arch of Cupid, but no more.

Tip 3. Give preference to 2-in-1 beauty wares.

Multifunctional solutions will save space in your cosmetics bag and create a harmonious colour scheme for your makeup. Cream blushes can be used as a lip tint on the cheeks and even instead of shadows. Moreover, such a texture does not spread on the skin and stays in place. You don’t need to use any extra transparent powder or fix the colour with a baked blush.

Tip 4. Choose waterproof mascara.

Many summer regions are more humid; you sweat and rub your face a lot. It’s better to take long-lasting mascara variants. They will not smudge on your upper and lower eyelids, and they’re suitable for swimming in a pool or the sea. If you don’t have time to touch up your makeup, a waterproof formula is the way to go. Also, there are now many formulations that rinse off your lashes with warm water without any extra rubbing.

Tip 5. Get the creamy texture and shimmery colour shadows.

Rose gold, bronze or copper-toned shades work great with tanned skin and create a vibrant look. Besides, such texture stays on better, does not roll away during the day and quickly spreads on the eyelids. With these cosmetics, you can stay on-trend, emphasise the benefits of your look and not worry about staying put. These goods quickly stick to the surface of the epidermis and provide a long-lasting effect.

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