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What is the UK driving pass rate?

Once you’ve started your driving lessons, your mind will begin to focus on the big date ahead: your driving test. This can be an anxious thought. The test costs £62 and can be tricky to rearrange – as, with any test, you want to pass with flying colors and celebrate afterward. But what is the actual UK driving pass rate? Can you reasonably expect to succeed the first time, or is this something you should expect a few knockbacks with?

Pass rates for 2020 currently stand at 51.6% which is a 5.6% increase when comparing it to the average for 2019. The coronavirus pandemic had an impact on tests last year due to the national lockdown which meant lessons were put on hold. The second lockdown also put lessons on hold until December. Tests were still allowed for key workers, but these were more emergency situations rather than something normal.

When driving tests reopened for booking after the first lockdown, tens of thousands of eager learner drivers tried to book a test. With the DVSA receiving such a high volume of users, the inevitable happened and the website crashed. However, booking tests are now back to normal now and should be a simple process.

Nevertheless, the numbers do show that the number of tests was certainly diminished. According to the government website, there was a 52.2% decline in the number of car theory tests conducted. There was a 72.2% decline for car practical tests during the year ending in March 2021.

However, now that things are back up and running again, it could be a good time to look towards your driving test. The freedom of being able to drive as the country opens back up could come in extremely handy. Lessons can be conducted by driving instructors, with a family member, or even in your own car with learner driving insurance.

Even though it can be an anxious time, don’t be disheartened if you don’t pass the first time. Sometimes you just need a little more practice, or maybe your nerves will be eased once you’ve gone through the process of a driving test for the first time. With the added wisdom and experience from the first test, 48.4% of people pass on their second time.

Ultimately, then, the UK pass rate is around 50% for both your first and second attempts. With plenty of practice in the car, you’ll be tested in, alongside patience you should put yourself in a good position to pass. It can be a difficult challenge, but with the freedom and possibilities that driving offers, it’s well worth attempting.

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