What is the Prettiest Part of Canada?

If you are a traveller with an interest in exploring the prettiest parts of the world, you might be interested in knowing such places in Canada. This country is home to untouched forests, imposing mountains, sprawling prairies, and scenic coastlines. The variety of cultures and landscapes found in the nation’s territories and provinces are extremely diverse. If your question is do Dutch citizens need a visa for Canada? You may find out about that, too.Till now, you might be already aware that there is certain stunning scenery at the Great White North. However, you still might not be aware of the remaining places that you will find out about in this article.

Rue du Petit Champlain in Québec City

Rue du Petit Champlain is among the narrowest and the oldest streets in North America, which have a width of only 39 feet. The street comprises linings including stone buildings that were formed in the Nouvelle-France style, which is distinct to the city. Earlier home to the homes of wealthy merchants and trading posts, this is currently packed with restaurants, boutiques, cafes and art galleries. Moreover, a wall mural is entirely striking, which shows the city’s evolution over a long period. Further, a beautiful Chateau Frontenac overlooks this view.

Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal

The building that takes away all the attention in Canada, the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal is an incredible instance of the architecture of Gothic Revival. Formed in the 17th century, this place is packed with gilded sculptures, paintings, and wooden carvings. Further, the ceiling of this building is dotted with gold stars of 24-karat and is coloured deep blue, whereas the stained-glass windows demonstrate scenarios from the religious history of the city of Montreal. Earlier, the place has been a host to the funeral of well-known Canadians like the hockey player Maurice “Rocket” Richard and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Long Beach, Vancouver Island situated in British Columbia

As the name of this beach suggests, Long Beach is among the longest beaches of sand on Vancouver Island. Situated between the villages of Tofino and Ucluelet, it is an element of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and occupies the western side of a thin peninsula which goes out into the ocean, that is, the Pacific Ocean. Known to be among the most suitable spots for surfing on the entire continent, Long Beach is famous among enthusiasts of watersports and provides excellent jogging, swimming, and kayaking spots. Further, if you are an animal lover, you would like it even more since you may spot grey whales in the waters when these species migrate through the region during the seasons of fall and spring.

Lunenburg in Nova Scotia

Among Canada’s prettiest small towns, Lunenburg is a registered UNESCO World Heritage site. Formed by the French, Swiss and German Protestants and settled by the people from Britain, this town is home to several buildings which date from 18th century and 19th century. These distinguished buildings are popular for their beautiful pastel colours along with their Lunenburg Bump, which is a dormer window that is detailed and is on the second floor. These windows hang over the primary floor of the buildings. Tucked between rolling hills and a beautiful harbour, this town also consists of off-beat art galleries, craft shops, and boutiques.

Lake Louise in Alberta

Lake Louise comprises turquoise coloured waters that are framed beautifully by the Victoria Glacier and weathered mountains. The hotel that can be spotted closest to the lake is extremely popular. Initially formed as a component of the popular Canadian Pacific Railway hotel chain, the Chateau Lake Louise has been modelled posterior the Scottish and French castles. During the winter season, the Lake Louise Mountain Resort becomes the most visited ski regions of North America. Also, during the summer season, the mountains that are behind this beautiful lake become the area’s best hiking places.

Whitehorse in Yukon

Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon is spread across Yukon River’s western side and is the initial point for a number of explorations of the remote northern areas of Canada. In the beginning, Whitehorse flourished during the late 19th century as a point of a layover for prospectors who used to head north when the Klondike Gold Rush was at its peak. The path along the Yukon River has alongside the historic buildings of the Gold Rush that are brightly painted. The same region is also home to a building that is very unusual, which comprises log cabins that are placed on one another, which was earlier utilised by the engineers who were constructing the Alaska Highway.

The Bottom Line

Canada is among the most beautiful countries in the world. If you wish to see some of the most beautiful landmarks across the globe, this country is a must-visit.


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