What is the BBC’s Euro 2020 theme song during the big tournament coverage?

EURO 2020 is finally here!

And the BBC will broadcast the fixtures from next month to the final on July 11th. What theme song are you listening to before each game?


BBC Euro 2020 theme song released

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What is the BBC Euro2020 theme song?

BBC theme Euro 2020 It’s a song called “The Darkness You Fear” by The Chemical Brothers.

The innovative dance duo released this song in April of this year.

It was their new music since the 2019 album No Geography.

Check out the video below …

Which Euro2020 games are on ITV and BBC?

June 11: Turkey vs Italy (8 pm) -Rome- BBC

June 12: Wales vs Switzerland (2:00 pm)-Baku-BBC / S4C (Welsh commentary)

June 12: Denmark vs Finland (5 pm)-Copenhagen- BBC

June 12: Belgium vs Russia (8 pm)-St. Petersburg- ITV

June 13: England vs Croatia (2:00 pm)-Wembley-BBC

June 13: Austria vs North Macedonia (5 pm) -Bucharest- ITV

June 13: Netherlands vs Ukraine (8 pm) -Amsterdam- ITV

June 14: Scotland vs Czech Republic (2:00 pm)-Glasgow-BBC

June 14: Poland vs Slovakia (5 pm)-St. Petersburg- ITV

June 14: Spain vs Sweden (8 pm) -Seville- BBC

June 15: Hungary vs Portugal (5 pm) -Budapest- ITV

June 15: France vs Germany (8 pm) -Munich- ITV

June 16: Finland vs Russia (2:00 pm)-St. Petersburg- BBC

June 16: Turkey vs Wales (5 pm)-Baku-BBC / S4C (Welsh commentary)

June 16: Italy vs Switzerland (8 pm) -Rome- ITV

June 17: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (2:00 pm) -Bucharest- ITV


June 17: Denmark vs Belgium (5 pm)-Copenhagen- ITV

June 17: Netherlands vs Austria (8 pm) -Amsterdam- BBC

June 18: Sweden vs Slovakia (2:00 pm)-St. Petersburg- BBC

June 18: Croatia vs Czech Republic (5 pm) -Glasgow- BBC

June 18: England vs Scotland (8 pm)-Wembley-ITV

June 19: Hungary vs France (2:00 pm)-Budapest- BBC

June 19: Portugal vs Germany (2:00 pm)-Munich- ITV

June 19: Spain vs Poland (8 pm) -Seville- BBC

June 20: Italy vs Wales (5 pm)-Rome-ITV / S4C (Welsh commentary)

June 20: Switzerland vs Turkey (5 pm)-Baku- ITV

June 21: North Macedonia vs. Netherlands (5 pm)-Amsterdam- ITV

June 21: Ukraine vs Austria (5 pm) -Bucharest- ITV

June 21: Russia vs Denmark (8 pm) -Copenhagen- BBC

June 21: Finland vs Belgium (8 pm) -St. Petersburg- BBC

June 22: Czech Republic vs England (8 pm)-Wembley-ITV

June 22: Croatia vs Playoffs Winner C (8 pm) -Glasgow- ITV

June 23: Slovakia vs Spain (5 pm) -Seville- ITV

June 23: Sweden vs Poland (5 pm)-St. Petersburg- ITV

June 23: Germany vs Hungary (8 pm) -Munich- BBC

June 23: Portugal vs France (8 pm) -Budapest- BBC

What is the BBC’s Euro 2020 theme song during the big tournament coverage?

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