What is the bar exam?

The bar exam is an important first exam for law students such as Kim Kardashian to train to become lawyers.

This is what we know about exams.


Kim Kardashian announced on Instagram that she passed the baby barCredit: Instagram

What is the bar exam?

California has introduced a compulsory exam that first-year law students attending unaccredited schools must pass in order to continue studying.

Colloquially called a “baby bar” is not easy.

The 7-hour exam, which takes place in just one day, consists of four essays on contract, criminal law, and tort and 100 multiple-choice questions.

On the 800-point scale, participants must get a minimum of 560, or 70 percent, correct answer rate to pass.

Currently, California is the only state that has adopted this system.

It also provides a way to pass the bar exam without attending law school by “reading the law” or by apprenticeship to lawyers and judges.

Who must take the bar exam?

This exam is for first-year law school students (uncertified registered law schools, law firm research programs) participating in the State Bar Association degree program, and for two years without a college job. Performed by students or Americans attending the Examiners’ Committee. A law school certified by the bar association.

On December 13, 2021, Kim Kardashian announced on Instagram that he had passed the baby bar despite many previous failures.

What is the pass rate for the bar exam?

Exam pass rates continue to change.

But, needless to say, it’s very low.

The pass rate in June 2020 was 27.6%, and the pass rate in November 2020 was 29.1%.

In fact, the rate of passing the bar exam is much lower than the general exam.

The exam is held twice a year. This is June and October.

Where is the bar exam done?

Taken in California.

How is the bar exam different from the bar exam?

This is an introductory exam for first graders and does not require the extensive knowledge accumulated by those who have studied law for many years.

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What is the bar exam?

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