What is Sponsor Licence and do you need it?

Sometimes the search for labour can take you beyond the borders of your country. At other times, it could be because there aren’t enough hands available in your locality or because you believe an expatriate will do a better job.

If you are an employer, and you’re considering bringing in a foreign national to work in your company, this post is on point. Given that someone has just mentioned a sponsor license to you, and you’re wondering what is it and will you need it.

What is a Sponsor Licence?

A sponsor licence is a government authorization to individuals or corporate bodies to employ workers from outside the United Kingdom. The issuing body of this permit is the UK Visa and Immigration office. The validity period of a sponsor licence is four years. After this, there would be a need for renewal.

Anyone who received this authorization has the right to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship to an employee who is not a citizen of any of the countries in the European Union.

Which Sponsor Licence do you need?

Depending on who you intend to sponsor, there are two classes of sponsor licence to apply for. These are:

1.     Work Sponsor Licence

This type of sponsor licence is of two types. The first is when an employee dictates who you wish to bring on transfer. Meanwhile, the second type is when the proposed foreign worker does not work for your enterprise.

You should note that the first type often gets resolved in time than the second. Obtaining a sponsor licence of these two categories follows the same method. You can even get both through the same process of application.

2.     Student Sponsor Licence

A sponsor licence on this account can come in two ways; the first is for migrants within the age of sixteen or more. Meanwhile, the second is for students between 4 and 17 years old. It is also worth noting that the requirement for this type of sponsor licence differs from that of a work sponsor licence.

Do you need a Sponsor Licence?

Whether you need a sponsor licence or not will depend on your needs in the company. Sometimes, there are offices that indigenes may not want to take at your workplace. You thought about outsourcing, but it doesn’t seem to fit into the job description. If you need to fill this job space, you’ll have to throw the opportunity to foreigners. If you can relate to what we are saying, then you need a sponsor licence.

When you succeed in finding someone to fill that role, it becomes pertinent that the prospective employee applies for a work visa to come into the country. To do that, you need to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship to the employee, you being the employer. That is a criterion for the immigrant to apply and obtain a work visa.

What do you need to apply for a Sponsor Licence?

If you would apply for a UK sponsor licence, there are a few things you must first take care of in-house. First among these essentials is ensuring your business or educational institution is recognized and approved to function. Meanwhile, you must also have a business premise where the worker would be engaged.

Another crucial requirement is that you must get your financial records in order. An audit of your company’s finance is one of the documents you would have to submit. Aside from using it in placing your business into a category (small or large), it enables the UKVI to know if you are financially buoyant enough to employ new staff.

On the other hand, the UKVI can approve or turn down the request of an educational institution after inspecting the institution. Therefore, the UKVI calls the shots when it comes to approving a sponsor licence, particularly for an educational institute.

Retaining Your Sponsor licence

The right to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship can be revoked or suspended by the authorities. There are terms and conditions for the UK government to freeze or withdraw a sponsor licence. Whichever licence you require, there is a need to comply with the demands of being a sponsor as set by the UK Visa and Immigration department (UKVI) to retain your sponsor licence.

Moreover, the warrant is a show of trust from the government to anyone that gets it. So, betraying that trust will be met with appropriate sanctions!

Final Thoughts

There is no alternative to getting a sponsor licence to get a foreigner to work or study in the UK. That said, employers and education providers interested in foreigners working or studying with them must apply for the permit.

But you must know that employing expatriates comes with lots of patience to get through. There are also bills to pay, and it varies with each applicant. Hence, whether you will need a sponsor licence or not, the choice is up to you!

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