What is “fluid coupling”?Experts warn about the latest dating buzzwords

“Fluid coupling” is a relatively new term for unprotected sex, but experts warn that it carries the same old risks.

This phrase refers to when people intentionally and consciously have sex without condoms or other barriers. Sometimes the goal is to build a closer relationship. However, doctors say that certain intentions do not prevent sexually transmitted infections.

“It’s important to know that fluid binding can put your partner at risk for sexually transmitted infections,” writes Dr. Elizabeth Bosky. VeryWellHealth.. “This is especially true if the previous sexually transmitted disease test is not comprehensive. Not all doctors test for all sexually transmitted diseases, but not everyone is aware of it. , The test can give you a false sense of security. “

The term “fluid coupling” is particularly Pandemic It has declined and the face-to-face dating has slowly returned. For some partners, unprotected sex can, but not always, mean a higher level of trust in the relationship, according to experts.

“Some monogamous couples believe that fluid coupling is a way to increase intimacy,” says Dr. Bosky. “But there is nothing inherently intimate about having unprotected sex compared to safer sex. Many couples have an intimate relationship for decades without exchanging fluids. Is building. “

However, some believe that the use of the phrase “fluid coupling” itself indicates that the couple has relinquished protection for certain reasons.

“Usually unprotected sex is a kind of casual, barrier-free erotic experience with no communication or intent that we are doing this for a purpose,” says Dr. Jenny Skyler. MindBodyGreen.. “When people go long to call it” fluid coupling, “they already have a language that has brought awareness to the concept. “

However, language alone cannot prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Bosky recommends that everyone involved take a test when deciding whether to form a “fluid bond” with a partner.

“If you’re considering building a fluid bond with your partner, it’s important to discuss your sexual history frankly and honestly,” she says. “It’s also important to discuss your commitment to sexual monopoly and safe sex practices. Think realistically about what you can and cannot do in relationships.”

Dr. Bosky, meanwhile, says that draining fluids and practicing safe sex should not be seen as a sign of distrust.

“Fluid coupling should not be a way to prove your love and trust,” she writes. “Why do you start talking about the possibility of having unprotected sex with someone when either love or trust was the issue?”

What is “fluid coupling”?Experts warn about the latest dating buzzwords

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