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What Is Bright Pattern?

Bright Pattern was created in the pursuit to provide feature-rich customer service technology. This technology is the industry’s simplest solution to providing customer support in a way that’s easy and fast. Today, the company revolutionizes the industry through its cloud contact center solutions. They empower mid- and enterprise-size businesses to connect customers and agents in a way that’s seamless. This technology was created by leaders in the industry, and they are deeply committed to providing the best customer support solutions through cloud technology. Learn all about Bright Pattern’s best features below.

It is an omnichannel cloud contact center software.

BrightPattern.com offers omnichannel quality management with its revolutionary contact center. The software makes it easy to access the application and utilize features such as video chat, email, SMS, messengers, live chat, and more. Bright Pattern’s platform allows representatives to provide world-class customer service through its user-friendly agent desktop application. Communication channels for customer service can be customized to the business’s needs, and agents can access the software from a browser like Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Its true omnichannel capabilities make for the best call center software.

The program utilizes AI technology to help both agents and customers.



In order to power the contact software, Bright Pattern uses AI and bots to maximize automation and enhance agent empowerment. Representatives will get improved interaction quality thanks to the cognitive technologies of artificial intelligence. It has the ability to decrease wait times and also speed up the customer service process. The AI technology even allows agents to authenticate customers through speech and voice recognition. Friction is reduced in the overall experience, and assistance is provided to help agents with chats and messenger conversations. AI sentiment detection even helps supervisors oversee agents and offer suggestions.

It allows for powerful CRM integrations.

With customer relationship management (CRM) integrations, businesses can follow the customer journey from start to finish. Agents can provide a personalized customer experience with easy access to customer information. This is all thanks to Bright Pattern’s ability to connect to an existing CRM system. Let’s say that your business already utilizes CRM software to keep track of caller phone numbers, interaction history, call recordings, or local numbers. You’ll be glad to find that you can connect your system to Bright Pattern’s contact center software for a seamless workflow and streamlined customer service process. CRM allows for easy outbound calls, simple SMS messages, and exceptional customer support all around.

Bright Pattern’s award-winning software offers comprehensive data security.


Bright Pattern is a simple platform that is fully PCI-compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard refers to a set of standards that ensure the security of processing financial transactions. This typically involves accepting, storing, and processing credit card information. The platform has comprehensive data security, which means that contact center agents can handle these transactions securely. Expect to find comprehensive encryption and full TCPA and SOC 2 compliance. The software is even compliant and easy to use for those who are visually impaired. This is just one aspect of what makes Bright Pattern the most innovative solution for contact center software.

On top of all of the features above, Bright Pattern also offers sentiment and text analysis, a drag-and-drop scenario builder, intelligent routing, automatic call distribution, and even call and screen recording. The platform itself is feature-rich, reliable, and has built-in quality management. It’s scalable for any business, big or small. Agents will experience less downtime and access a streamlined user interface. Businesses can tailor the platform to their organization’s needs and provide agents with the best tools to offer high-quality customer service. Guarantee your business’s growth and a faster ROI with the help of Bright Pattern.

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