What is Apple Stage Manager and how is it used?

If you use an iPad, Mac, or both to get things done, you’ll be looking at them Degree Manager when it launches this fall. This is Apple’s latest effort to improve multitasking on iPads and is available on Macs running macOS Ventura. You enable and disable Apple Stage Manager in Control Center on Mac and iPad.

What is Apple Stage Manager?

Introduced at WWDC 2022, the Stage Manager shows that Apple is trying to create another one compatible interface between Macs and iPads. Stage Manager is a multitasking feature designed to better organize your desktop. The idea is that what you’re doing can be at the front, and all the other applications that need access are readily available.

It’s just one way Apple is trying to help you stay focused, including the recently announced Focus Modesimprovements to come one signature and bigger.

For me, Stage Manager is best when used with Universal Controlbecause it enables you to have multiple open apps across your Mac and iPads, making it much easier to switch between apps and have a unique overview of what you’re doing – and the keyboard and using the same mouse to handle them all.

What does the Stage Manager do?

Open windows are displayed on the left side of the display in the form of small screenshots, which will look familiar to anyone who uses Spaces on the Mac.

The idea is that the app window you’re working with is displayed in the middle, with other open apps and windows arranged on the left in order of remoteness. This makes it easier to dip in and out of other apps and keep a visual sense of what’s there.

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What is Apple Stage Manager and how is it used?

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