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“What is an Autodialer? Types / Pros & Cons of Autodialer”

What is an Auto Dialer?

By automating the process of placing outbound calls, auto dialer software enables call center agents from having to make these calls manually. In addition to dialing calls, auto-dialers can also assist you in figuring out whether a human or a machine answered the phone. An auto dialer can also be used to route a call to the appropriate agent for handling or to play a message you want to broadcast. For placing sales and service calls, auto-dialers are useful. But small businesses can also benefit greatly from this software because of its accessibility and ease. They are also relatively inexpensive to implement.

An auto dialer is essential for a company. Remember that you can use this technology to efficiently answer your customers’ calls and provide essential information by playing a message or connecting the customer to any agent accessible. Consequently, your experience as a customer is boosted. You receive special features and capabilities depending on the software you choose. Predictive dialing solutions, on the other hand, should be offered by good software, since they will enable your call agents to deliver proactive client conversations. Your consumers should be able to precisely predict when the next agent will be ready to take their calls because of this software.

You cannot undervalue the cost of communication in your business organization in today’s digital environment. Customers want proactive communication, so it is important to choose the best auto dialer option for your company’s requirements.

What are the Types of auto dialers?

As technology progresses, auto dialers also do. More than just making phone calls automatically is what modern automated dialers offer. They can be set up to broadcast emails or text messages to all of the contacts on a list in a matter of seconds, drop voicemails, and more. The market currently offers a variety of auto-dialers.

Here we will be discussed the three main types of an autodialer which are as follows:

  • Power/Progressive Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Preview Dialer

The brief discussion of these three types of auto dialers is discussed below:

i)Power/Progressive Dialer:

In a Progressive dialer, it should be up to the agent to choose whether to make a call or skip a particular number. Instead, as soon as an agent ends the conversation they are currently on with a customer, the autodialer software makes the outgoing call. As a result, the agent has more power and management over the transaction. In terms of efficiency, a power dialer is superior to a preview dialer since it enables an agent to contact more customers in a given amount of time. So, this would be a smart choice if you receive more calls every day.

Power dialers can help many businesses that employ phone dialers enhance their sales promotion and resale efforts. Since most auto-dialer software enables agents to access crucial client information while speaking with customers on the phone, this is possible. Power dialers can also lower the quantity of missed or dropped calls.

ii)Predictive Dialer:

By automating as many tasks as they can simultaneously, predictive dialers are designed to optimize agent productivity. Predictive dialers are excellent for reaching the greatest number of customers, but they occasionally place new calls before an agent is available, forcing customers who do respond to wait on hold.

However, the algorithms running in the background of current predictive dialers are frequently more powerful to avoid confusion between call automation and the time required for actual talks.

Predictive dialers, however, continue to deny agents any control over calls, but power dialers maintain that control.

iii)Preview Dialer:

Your agents can either place an outbound call or skip a list of phone numbers with the use of preview dialers. Before making an outgoing call to a customer, your agents can examine various components of the customer’s information using a preview dialer. Having timely access to consumer information can help your agents plan outbound calling processes more effectively and further customize customer interactions.

However, because most preview dialers aren’t made to be used that way, your agents can’t utilize them to get in touch with many consumers quickly. Preview dialers are typically used to perform outbound marketing campaigns on a smaller scale and to improve the effectiveness of outbound calling. Simply said, a preview dialer streamlines the handling of more challenging customer issues by agents.

PROS and CONS of an Auto Dialer:

The Pros and Cons of an Auto Dialer are as follows:


Some Pros of an Auto Dialer are as follows:

  • Minimized Agent Inactive Time
  • Boost Sales Conversation
  • Generate More Leads
  • Speed Up Outbound Calls
  • Run Multiple Campaigns at Once

i)Minimized Agent Inactive Time:

The predictive dialers enable agents to manage more calls in less time, though both the progressive and preview dialers require one-to-one ratios to support outbound calls. Predictive algorithms will be used by the auto-dialer system to choose the ideal moment to place the outgoing call.

As a result, the auto-dialer will start dialing numbers just as an agent is getting ready to answer the next call. Predictive dialers are widely used in call centers nowadays to increase agents’ talking time and decrease waiting times. The auto dialers also help in increasing agent productivity by enabling them to handle just connected calls.

ii)Boost Sales Conversation:

Before engaging with a customer or lead, agents can access the most recent information about them due to preview dialers. Before handling the particular call, the information then assists the agent in deciding how to customize the conversation.

It is simpler for agents to keep leads engaged and maybe turn them into customers when there are personalized interactions between the agent and the customer or leader. By converting leads with a given value into customers, many businesses take advantage of the power of preview dialers to boost their revenue.

iii)Generate More Leads:

Auto-dialers help businesses get more leads. Telemarketers can connect with more clients and prospects because less time is spent speaking with an agent. Advanced dialers even offer a selection of self-service tools for effectively gathering consumer data.

Contact imports from various sources and databases can make managing leads simpler. They can create leads with a high likelihood of becoming sales by boosting the number of phone connections.

iv)Speed up Outbound Calls:

To manually and systematically call phone numbers, the agents must expend additional time and effort. Additionally, they struggle to distinguish between productive and ineffective numbers. Through automatic dialing, the auto dialer software helps call centers in increasing operational effectiveness.

Only answered calls are forwarded to live agents in the future. Agents can more easily focus their attention on the individualized customer experience and increase client engagement as a result. By improving the call connection ratio, predictive dialers increase agent productivity even further.

v)Run Multiple Campaigns at Once:

For outbound multi-purpose devices, cutting-edge auto dialer systems are created. They offer options that let businesses manage and run many campaigns simultaneously and successfully. To track the effectiveness of each marketing effort, managers can create reports using real-time data.

By automatically adjusting the time zone for each campaign, transferring calls to various devices, managing contact lists, and supporting CRM connections, the auto-dialer system enhances marketing efforts even more.


Some Cons of an Auto Dialer are as follows:

  • Need to Hire more Agents
  • Inaccurate Detection of Calls
  • Predictive Algorithm Issues

i)Need to Hire more Agents:

Auto dialers sequentially call clients and forward back calls to the next available agent. To fully utilize the power of predictive dialers, a business has to have enough agents. This is because most businesses rely on predictive dialers and their algorithms to determine when to place the next call. With a small number of agents, auto dialer software cannot effectively manage outbound voice campaigns.

ii)Inaccurate Detection of Calls:

Auto dialers use voice recognition technology to identify voicemails, answering machines, and blocked numbers. They only route connected calls to the actual agents using the technology.

However, a lot of auto-dialer software only employs fundamental voice recognition techniques. Sometimes, equipment of this kind does not distinguish between calls from humans and those from answering machines. Sometimes it can send messages left on answering machines or voicemails to live operators.

iii)Predictive Algorithm Issues:

A specific algorithm used by dialers can predict when the agent will be able to handle the next outbound call. The predictive algorithms used in the auto-dialer system enable a business to connect with more leads and customers.

However, there are circumstances when the algorithm connects calls to the dialer route without confirming the availability of agents. Clients sometimes already disconnect their calls while they are in the call queue.


When operating marketing campaigns, businesses can pick the best type of autodialer to use. Additionally, the business may conduct numerous marketing campaigns simultaneously while minimizing initial and continuing infrastructure costs by utilizing cloud-hosted auto dialer software. Auto dialers in the cloud offer advanced functions that go well beyond auto dialers’ restrictions and act as a general-purpose outbound tool.

The numerous advantages of auto-dialers make them the most dependable and economical tool for usage in call centers and other businesses. It enabled millions of businesses to boost productivity. In the field of telecommunications, it has been a ground-breaking invention. An auto dialer is a miracle for humanity, and if we use it wisely, it may significantly improve our quality of life. According to some reports, this software may potentially be used fraudulently to place calls. An auto-dialer has pros and cons, just like a coin that has two sides.


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