What is a Summer Walker face tattoo?

Singer-songwriter Summer Walker is well known not only for her powerful voice, but also for her characteristic tattoos.

Her latest tattoo engraved on the side of her face is the name of her new boyfriend.


Summer Walker and boyfriend LVRD have a matching tattoo

What’s the story behind Summer Walker’s latest tattoos?

Summer Walker, 25, was seen showing off her latest tattoo. Her new boyfriend LVRD Faroa, His real name is Larry.

The tattoo is part of a matching set in which LVRD Pharaoh posed with her in an Instagram photo on November 22nd, with the summer name clearly tattooed on his face.

Fans reacted incredibly, many said she shouldn’t have done it, and she hadn’t been healed from her last relationship with her. London on da truck..

“I love you, but this isn’t the case. You haven’t even been healed from the last relationship,” one person posted in response to the photo.

Another said, “Girl, you literally lost your heart.”

LVRD Pharaoh posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption “Eternal Love Wins”.

How many tattoos does she have?

Walker has more than 24 tattoos on her face and body, from her recent breakup with her ex-boyfriend London on Datrak to the real-name rally of her new boyfriend LVRD Pharaoh next to her eyes.

The two were dated on and off from 2019 before being fully disbanded in mid-2021. Datrack Walker and London share their daughter Princess Bubblegum.

How was the Summer Walker discovered?

The studio manager for the record label Renaissance Slab accidentally discovered Walker during a Google search.

The manager shared the same name as the singer Summer Walker and was googled for himself when the video of Walker’s song popped up.

Walker signed with the label and released her first single, Playing Games, in August 2019. Her album Over It..

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What is a Summer Walker face tattoo?

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