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What is a 360 lace front wig and how does it work

  1. What is a 360 lace front wig and how does it work

A 360 lace front wig is a wig that has been made from the best quality of synthetic or human hair. The design of a 360 lace front wig is such that it provides a more natural look and feel as compared to other types of wigs. A 360 lace front wigs is designed with a lace part at the front of the head which looks so realistic you can’t tell it’s not real. When people wear this type of wig, they are able to do pretty much anything they want without tucking the hair behind their ears like they do with other wigs.

  1. Pros and cons of wearing a wig

You might be wondering why a lot of people choose to wear a wig. Well, there are a lot of reasons for this both positive and negative. Here are some of the pros and cons for you to think about:


  • You can enjoy any style you want without worrying about it being permanent
  • You can change your hair as often as you want as long as you’re wearing a wig
  • Less time spent at the hair salon because you’re able to choose from a range of styles
  • No need to deal with bad hair days or going to the salon every three weeks for a trim
  • If you have an injury, illness, or medical condition that prohibits you from growing hair or if you’ve lost your hair due to chemo, wearing a wig is the perfect solution


  • You need to learn how to manage and maintain your nice full head of hair
  • If you’re planning on removing your wig, it can be costly because having your natural hair under control doesn’t come cheap
  • Wearing a wig is the perfect solution to bad hair days, but they can be hot and uncomfortable to wear
  • You need to carefully choose where you wear your nice full head of hair because if it’s windy outside, your wig will blow off and that’s not good
  1. A few tips on care and maintenance for your new hairpiece
  • Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet
  • Use a leave-in conditioner when washing your wig
  • Soften by using cool air from the fan when you want to make the hair softer and more lightweight
  • If you want to be able to style the hair in a certain way, then wear a wig that has a longer length at the front of your head
  • To reduce tangles in curly hair, use a brush with nylon bristles and start from the ends
  • Use gentle shampoo and conditioner on synthetic wigs and dandruff shampoo for coarse wigs
  • Wrap up and call to action
  1. The best places to buy wigs online

There are a lot of places where you can buy a wig, but not all of them are good choices. In order to find the perfect wig, you need to do a little bit of research. Here are some great places to find the perfect style for you:

Luvmehair They have a wide range of wigs from different brands so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Online purchases are available with shipping anywhere in North America or you can pick them up at one of their retail locations. They also carry accessories like clip-in hair extensions and makeup tricks so if you’re looking for more than just a wig, they have what you need!


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