What Happens if You Get Anti-Wrinkle Injections? Here’s Your Absolute Guide

Anti-wrinkle injection treatments have taken the world by storm, and if you try to keep yourself as well-versed as possible with the goings-on in beauty and cosmetic treatments, then you will have heard of it, too. It’s a revolutionary treatment that’s non-invasive as well, making it particularly popular with those who aren’t too keen on going under the knife to improve their appearance.

But anti-wrinkle injections, also known as Botox injections, have been around for decades. They were first used to treat other conditions such as muscle spasms and even excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. But today, anti-wrinkle injections are best known for treating (and doing away with) fine lines and wrinkles. If you are interested in taking advantage of this treatment, you may have your questions, which is understandable. So what happens if you get anti-wrinkle injections? Here’s your absolute guide.

The actual procedure – before and during

The actual procedure takes little more than 30 minutes, hence the reason many refer to it as a lunchtime treatment. When you arrive at the clinic or treatment centre and confirm the treatment you would like to have; they will ask about your medical history and ask about specific areas you want treated. They can then recommend the best treatment plan based on your skin condition and identify and assess those target areas.

The specialist will clean your skin and apply topical anaesthesia if you request it, and they may use ice as well, so the area becomes numb. Once you are ready and comfortable, they will apply the injections with an ultra-fine needle. Although you may feel a mild prick or sting at the site, the process is often relatively painless, which can last for just several seconds.

The results

Most people would like to know how long it takes before seeing the results of wrinkle injections, and the quick answer to this is about one to three weeks. But the actual relaxant that relaxes the muscles can already start to work in two to seven days. After that, you will notice several things – from smoother, suppler skin to the disappearance of fine lines on the face and skin that looks fresher and younger. The overall results of the treatment can last from three to four months, although this can be shorter or longer depending on individual clients.

The recovery

In the beginning, you may notice a few small, red-coloured bumps appearing on your skin, and these bumps are similar to mosquito bites. But the bumps usually settle within 15 minutes to half an hour. Sometimes, slight bruising happens, but this will also often disappear in a few days to up to a week. Some get a headache right after the procedure, but most find the procedure highly tolerable. In fact, some people have found that anti-wrinkle injections have reduced their migraines or headaches.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns of anyone interested in anti-wrinkle injection treatment is having a drooping eyelid, brow, mouth, or cheek, or a puffy look around the area of the eye. Generally speaking, the risk of this happening is only two per cent or less, and the best clinics and centres with expert doctors can reduce the risk even further.

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